Winnie the Pooh Hiring Tips for Top Salespeople

Hiring Tips for Top Salespeople

Hiring Tips for Top Salespeople

I frequently draw from various sources of inspiration. Today, let’s venture into the Hundred Acre Wood for invaluable hiring tips for top sales reps. When assessing candidates, it’s essential to consider their personalities, and what better way than using the beloved characters from Winnie the Pooh as analogies. Specifically, let’s talk about why you should be on the lookout for Tiggers and steer clear of Eeyores.


Why Hire Tiggers?


1- Boundless Energy: Tigger is known for his energetic and bouncy nature. In sales, energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Clients and customers are more likely to be drawn to a representative who is passionate, animated, and genuinely excited about the product or service they’re selling.

2- Confidence: Tigger believes he’s “The only one!” This self-assuredness, when channelled appropriately, is vital in sales. Top sales reps believe in themselves, their product, and their ability to close the deal.

3- Adaptability: Despite occasional misadventures, Tigger is always willing to try something new. Similarly, a top sales rep is adaptable, quickly adjusting their strategies to meet ever-evolving client needs and market shifts.

4- Positive Outlook: Tigger always looks on the bright side, even when things don’t go his way. This optimism is crucial in sales, where rejection is a part of the game. Reps with a Tigger-like attitude won’t get disheartened after a few ‘no’s but will remain hopeful and persistent, leading them to eventual success.


Caution Signs with Eeyores


1- Constant Pessimism: Eeyore is known for his gloomy outlook. While being realistic in sales is essential, constant negativity can be a significant deterrent. Pessimistic reps can demotivate teams, sour client relationships, and find problems instead of solutions.

2- Resistance to Change: Eeyore often resists trying new things and prefers staying in his comfort zone. In the fast-paced sales world, resisting change can mean missing out on opportunities and lagging behind the competition.

3- Lack of Initiative: While Eeyore might lament his misfortunes, he rarely takes steps to change his circumstances. Top sales reps are proactive. They seek opportunities, follow up on leads, and do what it takes to close the deal.

4- Low Energy: Eeyore’s slow and low-energy demeanour contrasts Tigger’s vibrancy. This can translate to missed opportunities in sales, as clients often want to engage with enthusiastic and energetic representatives.


Hiring Tips for Spotting Tiggers and Avoiding Eeyores:


1- Ask Behavioral Questions: Pose situations or challenges and ask the candidate how they would handle them. A Tigger-like response might focus on positive actions, quick adaptability, and enthusiasm, while an Eeyore-like answer might dwell on potential problems and obstacles.

2.- Assess Past Performance: Track records can be telling. While everyone can have months or even years off, look for energy, initiative, and success patterns.

3- Use Sales Assessments like the POP 7.0: Objective assessments can provide insights into a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and fit for the role. Tools like the POP 7.0 (Predictor of Potential) can objectively measure a candidate’s potential performance and alignment with your sales team’s needs.

4- Gut Instinct: Sometimes, you feel the vibe during an interview. Trust your instincts. If someone feels like a vibrant, energetic Tigger, they probably are. If they feel more like an Eeyore, proceed with caution.




When hiring top sales reps, seek out those Tigger-like qualities of energy, confidence, adaptability, and positivity. Be cautious of Eeyore-like traits that might hinder sales success. Remember, skills, experience, and approach are important, but attitude trumps them all. So, bounce into your next hiring process with enthusiasm and find those Tiggers that will drive your sales forward!


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