Why should you invest in your front line sales managers

Something I know for sure…

Your sales force is your company’s most expensive promotional resource. Yet too many sales organizations operate well below their potential.

If you want to thrive in difficult times here are 3 reasons why your front line sales managers are key to unlocking the potential in your sales organization:

1) The #1 performance factor for salespeople is the quality of their manager. A high-quality manager has a far greater impact than skills training or compensation according to CEO’s across the globe.

2) The #1 manager activity associated with rep success is coaching. Coaching is the single most impactful activity that front lines sales managers perform. Studies show that effective coaching can impact sales performance by as much as 20%!

3) The #1 reason why top performing sales reps leaves an organization is their relationship with their manager. Great front line sales managers do a far better job retaining top-performing salespeople.

What are you doing for your front line sales managers?