What Top Sales Executives Know





You’re a VP of Sales. A Sales Director. A National Sales Manager.

You are responsible to achieve your company’s sales objectives. You’re working 50 to 60-hours a week and still find yourself struggling to keep up.

You’re not alone.

Sales executives are bogged down dealing with a daily barrage of distractions, including countless emails, texts, meetings, voice messages, and phone calls. They are busy putting out fires and dealing with ongoing people and customer issues. No wonder they are overly stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. As a result, they have little time and energy to focus on what is critical.

As a sales executive, your leadership is measured by sales results. Depending on how you are doing from a sales to objective perspective has a direct impact on your ability to lead. The challenge is that you don’t have a direct impact on sales performance. You need to get your results through others.


What Performance Zone Are You In?



Over Quota: Crushing it Zone 10-20%

Making a big bonus, your team is pumped and you’re feeling like you are making an impact.


Between 90% and 99.9%: That puts you in the Proceed with Caution Zone

This means that you and your team are struggling to make your numbers, working long hours, stressed, and maybe making some bonus.


Below 90%: Danger Zone 40-60%

No one wants to be in the danger zone as it is frustrating, stressful and very overwhelming. The result, your team is disgruntled, you are experiencing turnover and forget about any bonus.

If your results are not where you would like them to be, then ask yourself, what are you going to do differently?

Wouldn’t You Like to Know What Top Sales Executives Know That You Don’t?


In This Training, I will reveal:


The 3 secrets that top sales executives know about driving sales performance!


Secret #1

Who is the key driver of sales performance?

Secret #2

What is the key activity that drives sales performance?

Secret #3

How they develop a team of top performing sales leaders?