Want to Grow Your Business with Bigger Deals and Bigger Customers?

My friend Barbara Weaver Smith, founder and CEO of The Whale Hunters, has a new book and I want to encourage you to get it.  It’s called Whale Hunting with Global Accounts: Four Critical Sales Strategies to Win Global Customers, and it’s for fast company entrepreneurs, sales VPs and sales managers, large account sales team leaders from inside sales and field sales—whether you’re already managing global accounts or you haven’t yet gone global with your biggest accounts.

In her book Barbara shares the four critical sales strategies to win global customers:Whale-Hunting-With-Global-Accounts


Global account salespeople need a massive store of knowledge about their target company and its market, as well as about its industry and business challenges. And there’s much more. It is amazing to hear story after story and to see in my own experiences with clients, how sales reps go into a meeting with an executive at a global company, armed only with product knowledge and product materials. Nothing is more fundamental than broad and deep knowledge about your customer’s world.


You will not be successful at selling to and serving large, complex organizations unless you are carefully organized on your own side. But the way you structure your sales operation must arise from a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and preferences. I offer many structural examples and discuss how to determine which is most appropriate for your company at a particular stage in your growth.


Many successful sales teams follow well-crafted steps to undertake a sale and carry it through to closure. The more complex the sale, however, and the longer the sales cycle, the more likely it is that salespeople are following their own intuition about what the buyer is thinking. What constitutes a successful process is changing rapidly and dramatically, as the buyers’ journey becomes far more fluid and less linear than steps can represent.


Vision is the path to an exceptional value proposition for your customers. Simply put, vision is a detailed picture of how certain business circumstances will be much improved at some future time. Your vision needs enough power to lead your customers through the problems of consensus-building, the pain of change, and the inertia of bureaucracies.


Whale Hunting with Global Accounts is loaded with great insights and strategies to win global customers. Get your copy NOW available at  Amazon.com