Top Sales Management/Leadership Academy

Here is what we know…

At least 80% of sales managers fail within eighteen months of being promoted (Source: Chally). Making that transition, from self-supporting super sales star to “executive shepherd”, is daunting. We understand exactly how the sales leader’s role has evolved and continues to change.

So, what’s the answer?

Sales managers basically have two choices: They can wait around for the economy to pick up – and hope that their company will re-commence their education – or they can take matters into their own hands and work with the mantra “If it’s to be, then it’s up to me”.

Here at Top Sales World, we are not going to wait around, but rather we have designed the most comprehensive online sales management program ever created, to be delivered by some of the most successful sales gurus on the planet. 

We have identified ten key areas that are critical for success and we are able to provide a detailed route-map to ensure that success will be achieved.

Members of our Faculty delivering this program:

Join me and my esteemed colleagues including:  Jonathan Farrington, Anthony Iannarino, Dave Kurlan, Dan McDade, Nancy Nardin, Linda Richardson,  Tamara Schenk, Colleen Stanley and Ken Thoreson for 10 great sessions.

The Timetable

Starting May 7th to June 6th – Sales Management category weekly sessions.

The Program: Click here to get details on each module

  • Module 1: Making the Transition from Sales Manager to Sales Leader
  • Module 2: Winning New Business: How to Create Compelling, Differentiated Value
  • Module 3: Managing Performance for Results
  • Module 4: The Five Bobbled Handoffs that Slash Results, and What to do About it
  • Module 5: The Key to Explosive Revenue Growth: Measuring Sales Productivity vs. Quota Attainment
  • Module 6: Sales Coaching
  • Module 7: Creating Sales Compensation Plans for High Performance
  • Module 8: Getting it Right at the Front End
  • Module 9: Round Pegs in Round Holes
  • Module 10: Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

The cost? Just $99 per level – that is 10 sessions for just $99 

Please find your way over to the Top Sales Academy area on Top Sales World and download the prospectus now.