Top Sales Influencers 2014

Top Sales Influencer

For the second year running, I was honored to have made the list of The Top Sales InfluencersSteven Rosen

I am humbled to be in such great company. I have many friends and colleagues who have made the list and suggest that you check them out, they can help take your business to another level.

Each year, Top Sales World engages a small team of professional researchers to discover who are the sales and marketing experts, who genuinely influence the way we think, and sell.

Based on the following criteria:

  • Social media presence – Twitter/ Facebook/ Klout score/LinkedIn authority.
  • Quality, regularity, and popularity of written workbooks, blog posts, articles, EBooks etc.
  • Active engagement with recognized resource sites.
  • And not least, a commitment to continually advancing selling and marketing practices.

“It is inspiring to be recognized for what I am most passionate about,  improving sales leadership around the globe.”  Steven A. Rosen, MBA