How to Achieve the Success You Desire

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3 Steps to Achieving Success


The challenge for most people is knowing how to achieve personal and professional success.

Many people compare themselves to others to gauge how successful they are. The problem is that there will always be someone who has more money, lives in a bigger house, has more power or is more intelligent than you. This is an irrelevant success as measured by material gains.

I firmly believe that success lies in how well you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. People think goal setting is something you do once a year, but it is ongoing. True feelings of success come from within.

Now is the time to Awaken the Power to Succeed. Don’t put off goal planning until New Year’s Day. Studies show that 92% of New Year’s resolutions never happen and are generally forgotten in the first few days of Jan.

The real key to success starts with setting important goals. Research shows that goal setting is the one thing highly successful people do differently. Setting goals sounds like a simple thing to do, but is it?

The table below is based on The American Society of Training and Development study and outlines the percentage likelihood of achieving a goal. Notice how the likelihood of success increases as a goal evolves from a passing idea to a full-blown commitment:


coaching and accountability



My Three Simple Steps to Achieve Success 

Step 1:  Unleash The Power of Focus 

Before you can focus, you must first decide “what” to focus on. What goals, once achieved, would make you feel successful? This process can take a few hours or a few days, but it is essential to contemplate. As you identify what achievements and aspirations are quite reasonably within your grasp, write them down.  Keep this list of personal success goals where you can see them every day. This process enables the power of focus and staying focused increases your chance of reaching your goals by 15%.


Step 2: Harness The Power of Pen to Paper

The next step is to figure out “how” and “by when” you will achieve each of your success goals. By physically writing down your key action points into a formal plan, you will increase the likelihood of achieving those goals by 25%. The key here is to give yourself a reasonable – but not too generous – a timeline for goal achievement.   

Step 3: Embrace The Power of Accountability

Accountability is when you commit to your goal plan with someone else. This means following through with that person in regularly scheduled meetings to discuss progress. Stick to it, as this final step increases the likelihood of achievement from 45% to 95%. 


Goal achievement is the number one reason why highly successful sales managers enlist the services of an executive sales coach. A coach gives you a dramatic advantage in achieving your goals by helping you focus, commit and stick to them.

I am committed to helping anyone willing to do what it takes to succeed.

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