The Ultimate Hiring Guide


Star Results - Book

Three Valuable Hiring Resources Inside:

1. The STAR Hiring Process

Systematically hiring top performing sales reps isn’t easy. This guide takes you through a 4-Step process that will help you identify top performers.

2. The Ultimate Sales Rep Rater

Use the Sales Rep Rater to conduct effective behavioral interviews. Comes with over 20 questions and allows you to record and systematically evaluate sales reps.

3. The POP™ 7.0 Personal Orientation Profile Sample Profile

To demonstrate how you can leverage the predictive power of the POP™ 7.0 to identify sales success DNA.

The Ultimate Hiring Guide

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Star Results - Book

About the author

Steven Rosen - Executive Sales Coach

Hello I’m Steven Rosen, founder of STAR Results.

STAR Results is a boutique sale leadership coaching and development organization.

My expertise in aligning sales and marketing initiatives to achieve key business results and exceed customer expectations has continually exceeded sales objectives from my days as a sales rep to my achievements as a VP of Sales for Alcon and Biovail.

I hold an undergraduate business degree and a Master’s in Business Administration from Concordia University. I have been recognized as one of the top 50 sales thought leaders by Top Sales World.

My mission is to inspire sales executives and managers to achieve outstanding results.

My coaching style is authentic, nonjudgmental and dose of humour. I will challenge your thinking, inspire you to act and relentlessly hold you accountable.

When you hire me, you get me. I work with a select group of clients and their management teams to elevate them to greater personal and professional success.

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Lead with passion and ignite your team to achieve outstanding results!

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