The Sales Manager’s Success Checklist

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Sales Managers’ Success Checklist

Do you have a success checklist to see if you are on track for a successful year?

How can you assess if you are on track? It is far too early to look at sales early.

Go through the checklist below and see how many items you have completed ensuring that you are on track.

Here are the top 10 questions you should ask yourself and your sales managers to gauge if you/they have set the foundation for success.


The STAR 10 Point Success Checklist

1. Have You Identified Your 2-3 Key Success Factors?

Keep your plan simple. It is critical for your team leader 2-3 things that your team needs to do extremely well to succeed as your team leader. Often managers tend to complicate things because they don’t know what critical success factors (KSFs) will make a difference, so they come up with too many. If you want your sales team to perform and perform well, you need to give them the gift of focus. Decide on your KSFs and measure them monthly.

Watch my video “Focus on What is Going to Make you Successful!”

Have you identified and communicated your critical success factors to your team? If you have, then give yourself a  

Otherwise, get it done NOW!


2. Do All Your Sales Reps Have Strong Business Plans?

Reps should have developed their annual business plans to get a jump-start on the year. Two critical areas of focus are: what accounts represent the best opportunity to achieve their quota and which accounts are new business going to come from. Robust business plans have clear steps and tactics for the rep to move the business forward with each account.

If all your reps have well-articulated solid business plans, give yourself a

3. Have You Built Your Coaching Plan?

Sales coaching is the #1 sales management activity that drives sales performance. Many managers look at coaching as just another “to-do” item on their task list. The reality is your most precious resource as a sales manager is your time. You only have so much time. Coaching is the most critical activity in which one must allocate time. Realistically, how many managers take the time to plan how many days they will spend in the field, how many days they will work with each rep, and the monthly breakdown. 

4. Have You Established a Coaching Plan for Each Rep? 

A big part of your role is to develop your salespeople to become better. It is about moving your B’s to B+ etc. You will need to gain a commitment from each of your salespeople to decide what area(s) they will be open to working on and how they will do so. A focused coaching plan for each rep enables you to help them develop 1-2 specific skill sets or behaviours. Remember, small changes in skills have a significant impact on sales.

If you have built specific development/coaching plans with each of your reps for the year, then give yourself a 

5. Do You Have the Right Team In Place?

Are there any salespeople on your team that should not be there? If so, I recommend dealing with them early in the year. If you believe that you have reps that don’t belong on your team, why are they still there? It would be best if you moved NOW. You can’t afford to have weak reps on your team.

Cut your losses if you haven’t already done so.

If you feel that you have the right salespeople on your team, give yourself a

6. Have You Been Out In The Field This Year?

I know I am obsessed with the value of sales managers being out in the field coaching. Many of my clients have been so busy with sales meetings that they have not spent any time in the field this year. Shame. Yes, this is a shame as it is bad business. If you haven’t been out in the field with each of your salespeople, make sure you plan to do so by this month.

Have you coached each of your reps this month? Give yourself a

If not, “don’t pass “Go” and don’t collect $200.”


7. Do Your Reps Know What Their Quotas Are?

I know that quota setting is a complicated process. However, salespeople need/want to know what their goals are. If you want your salespeople focused and produced, they must know how much sales they need to bring in.

If all your reps know how they are doing YTD vs. quota, give yourself a

8. Do Your Reps Know and Understand Their Compensation Plan?

I hope you or the head of sales has rolled out the compensation plan. If not, then what the hell are you waiting for? Salespeople need to understand how they are being compensated. Companies that fail to communicate the compensation plan in the first month of the year tend to lag compared to their proactive competitors.

Given that your company has already rolled out their plan, you must address your reps’ questions or concerns.

If both of these factors have been met, give yourself a

9. Is Your Sales Team Engaged?

It has been proven in multiple studies that highly engaged sales reps create highly engaged customers. They deliver exceptional sales and profit.

Have you had an opportunity to connect with each of your salespeople and see how they are feeling? If you have, give yourself a 

10. Are You Feeling Energized?

As the team leader, it is essential that you feel good and that your energy levels are high. Your team feeds off you. They can sense your mood and your level of energy. If you are not feeling energized, find a way to feel great. Go to the gym, go for a run or do whatever it takes to get yourself in the right place to lead.

If you are feeling energized, give yourself a

Conclusion of the Success Checklist:

After reviewing the list, feel free to comment on any necessary items to add to my checklist. Also, please let me know if any items are on the list but not essential.

Count the number of ticks or checkmarks you have given yourself. If you have eight or more, you will have a great year. If you scored less than 8, the good news is that you still have time to get things in place. Review your list at the end of the month and see how much progress you have made. There is a relationship between my sales manager’s checklist and success in sales.

Success is a mindset. Make up your mind, and achieve success.

Now let’s just do it!

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