The Power of Handwritten Recognition

The Power of Handwritten Recognition

The best way to recognize great performance is by sending a handwritten motivational card. I believe there are two things that motivate most sales reps.

1. Is the ability to do the job they paid to and
2. Being recognized for a job well done.

Personalized hand-written notes are a rarity? With email and text messages it is very easy to bang off a quick note. If you want to differentiate yourself as a manager, handwriting personalized recognition cards are very motivating.

If you want to be a STAR sales manager, make sure you have various motivational cards at your disposal.

Make sending recognition notes a discipline. The key is planning time to do this. I used to book one hour every month to write recognition notes.

I was blown away when one of my sales reps, Christine, came up to me six months later and said how much she appreciated my note. WOW, personal handwritten communication is a POWERFUL form of recognition.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s tip.

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