The Not So Secret Way to Crush Your Numbers

The Not So Secret Way to Crush Your Numbers

Earlier this year, I published an article titled 5 Ways to Create a Successful Sales Coaching Program.

The Sales Mastery sales executive survey results showed that 1/3 of executives surveyed said that “sub-optimal sales manager coaching” is one of their top 3 barriers to achieving their objectives in 2018.

sales manager coaching barrier

The studies below clearly show that sales manager coaching has a significant impact on performance.

CEB Coaching Effectiveness Survey Findings:

  • Coaching effectiveness: 19% improvement in performance
  • Time in the field: 17% increase in performance
  • Coaching improves sales rep engagement

CSO 2015 Sales Management Optimization Study:

  • Formal coaching process: 17% improvement in sales win rate

Organizations that have a team of strong sales coaches will significantly outperform their competitors who have weak sales coaches.

So, what!

Did you crush your numbers last year? Congratulations! No need to keep reading. Unless you want to continue to consistently crush your sales numbers.

If you didn’t, did you focus on doing a great job coaching? If you have, keep reinforcing it.

But if you did nothing and didn’t crush it, I am speaking to you!

You have no one to blame except yourself.

There is no silver bullet in sales. Yet, there is a silver bullet in sales management. That silver bullet is coaching. Focus on improving your coaching skills and getting out and coaching, coach, coach, and you will drive sales performance.

Feel free to go through my blogs over the last 10 years, and guess what?

My message hasn’t changed.

Coaching is key to crushing your numbers!

This year I am on a mission.

My mission is to create thousands of STAR sales coaches who help their sales teams and organizations consistently drive stellar sales performance.

The best and most rewarding way I can achieve my mission is by coaching, training, mentoring and transforming sales managers into STAR sales coaches, thereby elevating their careers, income, and professional success.

Why is sales coaching the elephant in the room?

Sales leaders recognize the powerful impact coaching can have, yet most don’t prioritize it in their playbook. Sales managers have seen that great coaching is the number one sales management activity that drives performance. Yet, only a small percentage of sales managers spend enough time coaching, and a smaller percentage are effectively coaching.

In our own research, we have found that:

  • 53% of sales organizations are investing in ongoing coaching training and development of their sales managers
  • 44% of sales organizations have a highly effective and well-understood coaching process
  • 32% of organizations had the training to support the transition from sales rep to sales manager.

In 2019, your company may decide to invest in sales manager coaching skills, or they may do nothing.

I believe that if it’s to be, it’s up to me. Take ownership of your own development and invest in your success. There are tons of resources on the web.

Here is what I am doing about it.

I have introduced several training/coaching offerings exclusively for sales leaders.

  1. Focused Sales Coaching – Virtual Training – An exclusive online training program.
  2. STAR Sales Coaching Program – A combination of online training and coaching.
  3. Focused Executive Coaching – One on One personalized executive coaching.

focused sales coaching

At the end of the day, you have options. It is up to you to make it happen! Don’t wait for someone to enroll you in training or hire you an executive coach.

Adopt the motto:


You will thank me for it.