The New Sales Leadership Framework

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The New Sales Leadership Framework

Don’t you wish you could turn the clock back to pre-pandemic days?

Dealing with post-Covid business-related issues has been a wake-up call, especially for sales leaders and their teams.

A whopping 80% of sales leaders admit to feeling out of control and drowning in the sea of changes.

But if you follow your community carefully, you’ll see that a handful of leaders have stepped outside the box and achieved outstanding results!

How are they doing that? Achieving outstanding results does not come from chance or luck. The success stories aren’t limited to industries that have somehow managed to thrive during the pandemic.

Instead, these leaders have realized that even though hiring, developing, and training a team of top performers is still vital, how to do this effectively has changed for good.

The impact of COVID will linger… and with that, the old playbook of being a sales leader has gone out the window.

There are 3 differences between a team celebrating right now versus a team that has had dismal quarters.

  1. The sales leaders of winning teams know that the buck stops with them. They have taken the initiative to provide strong, decisive leadership and even more engagement than before.
  2. Effective sales leaders have shifted the focus from quarter-end performance to a performance culture that provides opportunities to improve each day.
  3. Sales leaders with winning teams have taught their performers to focus on what works in this new, topsy-turvy sales landscape and completely tune out distractions.

Things would be much easier if there were a definitive sales leadership playbook for the challenges in a post-COVID sales world.

The Focused Sales Leadership Framework for success is just that!

It’s practical and focused on the realities of leading a team post-COVID.  You’ll integrate strategies from my 30-year career learnings of new strategies to succeed in this new environment.

The Focused Sales Leadership Framework concentrates on three key pillars to succeed in the post-COVID era and is delivered based on the participants’ needs.


Steven Rosen - Sales Leadership Coach

Pillar 1: Focus

Before you can start developing a PERFORMANCE CULTURE and improving your LEADERSHIP, you need to find the time to FOCUS on high payoff activities. We help you find more effective ways to deal with the daily barrage of emails, text messages, voice messages, and meetings. Your success is measured by results, not by your ability to manage the influx of the latest and loudest.

Pillar 2: Leadership

Leadership is an essential component to the success of a sales organization. The ultimate success of the sales leader is the results of their team, but the team relies on your guidance and vision to get there.

Coach your team to improve performance, sales rep engagement and retain top performers. Lead your team with confidence by providing clear direction and empowering your team.

Pillar 3: Culture 

We help you develop a high-performance culture that wins new business, increases sales from existing customers, executes with excellence, hires top performers, and ensures accountability.

Leaders who have worked with me have found my fundamental and innovative approach to sales leadership has helped them succeed. You need to know better to do better, and I want you to take advantage of the collective wisdom of today’s winning sales leaders.

Delivered in 3 Formats

Format 1: Training

Based on the composition and needs of the participants, we deliver virtual training, group learning and individual training.

 Format 2: Leadership Coaching

The learning you get from the three pillars of Sales Leadership of FOCUS, LEADERSHIP, and PERFORMANCE CULTURE are adapted and modified to suit your unique business challenges with my expert guidance. We help you:

  • Turn theory into on-the-job performance
  • Tailor these tactics for YOUR specific situation
  • Clear doubts from previous sessions

Format3: Mastermind Group

For groups of 5 or more, we provide facilitated peer learning to enable sales leaders to build a post-COVID playbook by learning from the wins and losses of their colleagues.

Are you ready to commit to levelling up your leadership?



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