The Key to Mastering Your Time

The key to mastering your time

Mastering Your Time


I hear it time and time again. I don’t have time to sell. I don’t have time to coach. It takes too long to review performance. Really!!

I get it; you have countless emails, meetings, and distractions that can overwhelm your day; so finding a way to maximize your productivity is essential. As we are coming to the end of the year; no one cares if you attended two dozen stupid meetings or responded to silly emails. All that counts is your results. So don’t tell me you don’t have time to focus on the activities that enable you to achieve results!

Whether you’re a sales leader or a sales rep, Focused Activity Management can transform how you work and ultimately lead to better results. I will delve into this powerful technique, offering actionable steps to help you reclaim your time and boost your sales performance.


The Challenge: Mastering Your Time and Getting Results


Many sales leaders work long hours yet struggle to achieve their desired results. The culprit? A constant stream of emails, texts, meetings, and other time-consuming tasks that derail their focus. But there’s hope! Focused Activity Management is here to help you sharpen your focus, work fewer hours, and achieve outstanding results.


The Power of Focus Time


The key to Focused Activity Management is carving out “focus time” – uninterrupted periods in your day where you can tackle your most important tasks. However, the prevalence of meetings and interruptions often prevents us from having these critical periods of focus. Implementing this technique can increase productivity, improve decision-making, and, most importantly, drive better results.


Five Steps to Focused Activity Management


1- Identify Your Top Results-Generating Activities (RGAs): Begin by pinpointing the three activities that contribute most significantly to your results. For sales leaders, these may include coaching salespeople, conducting business reviews, and developing teams.

2- Identify Time-Sucking Activities (TSAs): Next, identify the three activities that consume your time but don’t yield meaningful results. These could be impromptu phone calls or unproductive meetings.

3- Analyze Your Time Usage: Look closely at your recent time allocation. Calculate how many hours you’ve dedicated to your RGAs and TSAs in the past month. Consider your weekly work hours and your time distribution among these activities. The goal is to increase your RGAs and eliminate TSAs.

4- Block Time for RGAs: Allocate time blocks for your RGAs in your calendar. For instance, if fieldwork with your sales reps is essential, schedule dedicated days for the next three months. Establish bi-weekly meetings with your team members. Simultaneously, learn to say no or cancel your top three TSAs for the next three months.

5- Calculate the Change: Determine how many hours you’ve allocated for RGAs, TSAs, and other activities in the next three months. The objective is to increase your focus on RGAs, reduce time spent on TSAs, and create more personal time.


Embrace the Change and Reap the Rewards


Implementing Focused Activity Management is not difficult, but it requires discipline to sustain. However, the benefits are undeniable. You’ll achieve better results, reduce stress, and gain more quality time for you and your family while fostering a happier, more productive sales team.

Remember, in the world of sales, results matter most. No one is impressed by how much time you’ve spent working; your achievements are what dictate your success. By investing your time wisely, you can unlock 5-10 hours per week and increase your results by the same margin.


Are You Ready to Embrace Focused Activity Management?


Now is the time to take action. Embrace Focused Activity Management and mastering your time. Implement these five steps with diligence, and you’ll experience a remarkable transformation in your sales performance. If you need guidance on getting started, consider booking a call with an expert who can help sharpen your focus and propel your sales success to new heights. Don’t wait; start today and watch your sales career soar.




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