Having worked with Steven over a number of years, he has proved to be a highly effective personal and business coach. His specialty is how to drive great sales performance, but he has helped me with a wide range of development areas over the years. He doesn’t pull his punches, but if you want to make a change, he will relentlessly be there to help you achieve your goals!

Ben Massingham




Ben Massingham, Vice President, Neuroscience at Novartis

I’ve worked with Steven over the last 2 years and he has been a tremendous resource & value-added contributor.

His no-nonsense coaching approach is very refreshing, and he challenges you in a way that allows you to self-reflect on what needs to happen to ensure you are successful at leading/motivating your team and surpassing your performance objectives.  He has a clear & direct communication style and he’s always accessible when you need him.  Thank you for your guidance and leadership!

Nada Scanga, Associate Sales Director

I have had the privilege to work with Steven for the past 2 years. 2 years where the business faced a lot of changes and Steven was always available to guide me and help me become a better coach for my team of experienced reps. He helped me ask the right questions and ensure that the team and I 0054a8bwere prepared and effective in a new competitive environment. I really appreciate his in-depth and current knowledge of the pharma industry and I believe that he can bring a lot of value to people managers at any levels.

Annie Montmarquette, Associate Sales Director at Novartis
JFFSteven knows how to ask the right questions. Our interactions helped me challenge personnel bias most likely affecting my prioritization of actions. Great listener but knows how to tell it straight, direct and quick when required.

Jean-Francois Dansereau, Brand Director Neuroscience

LAGSteve is a great sales coach. Through the short period of time I worked with Steve, he added significant value and helped me refine my sales management skills to better coach and motivate my team to reach new heights. I would not hesitate in recommending Steve to any new sales manager who want to be efficient in their new role quickly.

Louie-Anne Gauthier, B.A.A., M.Sc., PMP, Associate Sales Director

TSSteven has helped me focus on how to challenge the status quo, how to influence others and the importance of teaching my people how to “fish” for themselves. He encouraged me to take risks, become a shrewd negotiator, understand better the boardroom politics and develop strategies to move my business forward.

Tricia Symmes, Vice President, Integrated Hospital Care and Critical Care

SteveOJ is a great communicator who is really devoted to making you reach your personal goals. His style of coaching is straightforward and honest. He makes you think through the issues facing you in an inquisitive manner that makes you ask the right questions to get you closer to your goals. He is persistent and has a great sense of humour.

Orchid Jahanshahi, National Sales Director

PBSteve has worked with myself and my leadership team on several different projects. His deep knowledge of coaching and performance management has greatly helped us progress against our development goals and accelerate business performance. He’s a good business partner and a valuable asset to any team that is focused on driving superior performance.

Pierre Bourdage, Vice President Neuroscience & MS

Steven has brought tremendous insights and perspectives – hiring a coach is a first step to elevate potential, achieve goals and develop as Manager – Steven is a career catalyst.

Melanie Paquette, National Associate Sales Director
Steven brings a wealth of sales management experience to the table. He has been an excellent resource for us in terms of sales force strategic planning and introducing programs to enhance the level of coaching and execution with our managers. Steven’s flexibility and quick response time, were also important in ensuring proposed solutions fit the needs of our business.

Warner Biddle, Vice President
0c19f14Steven is a respected coach who empowers people to want to make improvements in their life. Steven has the ability to listen closely and build a trusting rapport with his clients. This sets the stage for Steven to help you make a positive difference in your communications at home or office. His style is such that allows you to find solutions to your own questions. Steven helps you discover new skill sets so that you are independently successful in the future.

Scott Rogers, Director
It’s already been 9 months that we share this coaching experience. I must say that you have been of great help for me. I had someone to talk to and validate some of my ideas and thoughts.

Having a coach to help me out in my transition and into my new responsibilities as helped in many different ways:

I appreciate talking to you once a month as this is a good sounding board for me. You have always been honest in your feedback and pushed me to reflect and come up with my own solutions.

Stephane Legault, Area Business Manager.
Steven Rosen provided invaluable guidance to me as a new sales manager. His one on one coaching helped1172518 me develop skills to efficiently address some of the earlier challenges of people management. He expedited my integration into the new role of people manager and I continue to look forward to our coaching sessions- always flavoured with a mix of sage wisdom and good humour!

Janet Brown, Associate Sales Director.

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