The Key to Supercharging Annual Performance Reviews


Creating Powerful Development Plans

It’s the annual performance review (APR) time again.

APR is a time-consuming process for the sales leadership team. It takes a lot of time to write up and give each review.

If you take the traditional approach of spending 80% of your time reviewing the past year and 20% on goals for the new year, you will have missed one of the biggest opportunities to supercharge your team.

If all you are going to do is point out wins and losses, then the review process will have little impact on future performance.

Last year is past. What has happened in the past doesn’t make a difference.

The formula for great annual performance reviews is to reverse the process. Focus 80% of your time on identifying opportunities for growth and development and 20% on reviewing last year’s performance.

Most leaders go through the motions of developing an Individual Development Plan (IDP). In my experience, IDPs are done to comply with HR policy. Once they are written, they are dusted off twice a year. There is a minimal effort focused on development.

IDPs tend to put lip service to development.

To supercharge your leaders, sales executives can leverage the annual performance review to focus on and invest in creating robust leadership development plans.

Now is the time to identify opportunities for growth and work with your leaders to develop a pathway to help them achieve their development goals.

Developing strong development plans for your frontline sales managers will set an example for your sales managers to do the same with their salespeople.

Based on my experience, you can provide your sales managers with workshops, online training, and leadership books.

However, there is nothing as POWERFUL as providing your sales managers with 1:1 Sales Leadership Coaching in terms of impact on performance, engagement, and results.

7 Outcomes of Sales Leadership Coaching for Frontline Sales Managers:

  1. Improve leadership skills and decision-making ability
  2. Increases self-awareness and confidence
  3. Identify and overcome personal and professional challenges
  4. Develop new strategies and approaches to drive sales success
  5. Improve ability to engage and lead their sales team
  6. Enhance communication and interpersonal skills
  7. Increases job satisfaction and overall performance

Creating a development plan is crucial for frontline leaders, their salespeople, and organizations to drive growth, increase productivity and foster a positive work environment.

If you want to provide your leadership team with the opportunity for development and growth, consider leveraging a sales leadership coach.

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