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In this world you cannot achieve success alone; you need to surround yourself with many different types of people in order to truly reach your full potential. Having a leadership coach in your entourage, who is successful in their own right, is also a key factor in breaking through your perceived “ceiling”. I have been working with Steve Rosen for almost 3.5 years as a client of his one on one leadership coaching. From the very start, Steve helped guide my career and approach with his unique and effective coaching style. Steve will help you reach your full potential. He will also be there when you need encouragement to fight through adversity; he will remind you that “It’s not supposed to be easy!” I am grateful to have worked with Steve and to call him a friend, mentor, and coach.

Franco Roccia





Franco Roccia, Vice President of Sales, Vitran Express

I had the pleasure of working with Steven during a pivotal point in my career as I transitioned into a senior leadership role. He provided me with many coaching and business planning tools that helped to lay the foundation for a very successful and focused sales department. I would recommend Steven to anyone looking to elevate their skill set!

Suzanne Kampf





Suzanne Kampf, Vice President Of Business Development, Constellation Health Services

Steve has been an indispensable partner to me for many years. His practical approach to coaching and in-depth knowledge of sales, leadership and pharma make him the best coach you will find. Every session ends with learnings and action plans that lead to results and business savvy insight that will help you navigate any situation. Steve will skillfully bring out the best in you and anyone on your team!

Gail Tatebe


Novartis logo



Gail Tatebe, Director Marketing, Novartis

Steven proved to be a valuable resource in helping us formulate and implement a coaching plan for our management team. He did an excellent job of leading and supporting key components of our coaching plan. He demonstrated a great depth of knowledge in the area of coaching throughout the project.

Paul Newman

Bayer logo




Paul Newman President, Director of Sales Force Development, Bayer

I had the absolute privilege to work directly with Steven to help improve my Coaching and Management abilities. I met with Steven often or supplemented with calls regarding helping me to become a better People and Business Manager. We had many discussions regarding several individual cases, as well as the team in general that always lead to some actionable tasks that would help resolve issues or improve performance. Starting out using Steven’s 360 feedback tool was critical to benchmark where some of my blind spots were. We then worked together to build an actionable and written plan to build on and strengthen these skills. I would highly recommend Steven to Managers, Executives and coaches alike. He is very adaptable and extremely knowledgeable. It has been an absolute pleasure to work this past year with Steven.Takeda

Glen Thompson




Glenn Thompson, Regional Sales Manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Steven helped us implement a business planning and performance management program. This helped provide our sales team with a defined purpose and greater focus. We held our team focused on three metrics and we experienced strong results after several months. Steven continues to coach my sales leaders to help keep the program relevant and sales on track. Steve, Thanks for helping us “Crush It”





Chris Traikos, President, Vitran Express and National Fast Freight

I have had the great experience of being coached by Steven over the past few years in my various roles in the Pharma/Medical Device role. Steven has the unique ability to understand the different business challenges I am facing. I most admire that he is not afraid to tell me what I need to hear. He challenges me to take action that has resulted in making a difference to my business. Steven has an incredible passion for coaching sales leaders to inspire their teams. He is an exceptional listener, and I appreciate that he holds me accountable to make the changes I committed to doing. Working with Steven has made me a stronger leader. I highly recommend Steven’s coaching program.





George Saltzberg, Director of Sales

Having worked with Steven over a number of years, he has proved to be a highly effective personal and business coach. His specialty is how to drive great sales performance, but he has helped me with a wide range of development areas over the years. He doesn’t pull his punches, but if you want to make a change, he will relentlessly be there to help you achieve your goals!

Ben Massingham

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Ben Massingham, Vice President, Neuroscience at Novartis

Steven is a strategic and driven sales career professional who possesses strong skills in listening, learning and observation. From there he is surgical and articulate in providing guidance to individuals and their teams to put into perspective and actions their goals with the sole intention of crushing them as he says. I have been and currently, continue to use Steve in his services as a strong guide.

Pierre BourreEssilor




Pierre Bourre, Vice President Sales & Business Development

Steven has contributed significantly to the success of my Eye Care Team for the past 2 years. A great coach and mentor, Steven supported me with some amazing coaching tools and many other strategic plans that contributed to my development. His approach made a huge difference in my coaching effectiveness.”




Sebastien Drapeau, Associate Director Sales


I’ve worked with Steven over the last 2 years and he has been a tremendous resource & value-added contributor.

His no-nonsense coaching approach is very refreshing, and he challenges you in a way that allows you to self-reflect on what needs to happen to ensure you are successful at leading/motivating your team and surpassing your performance objectives.  He has a clear & direct communication style and he’s always accessible when you need him.  Thank you for your guidance and leadership!

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Nada Scanga, Associate Sales Director

Steven is a skilled Executive Sales Coach and Business Leader who has contributed greatly to the growth and development of my Sales Leaders.

Paul Daigle

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Paul Daigle, Director of Sales, Alcon Canada

I hired Steven to work with my Sales Management team. Steven was able to identify our needs and put a program together that benefited our organization by providing the necessary coaching and strategy to gain the positive results we wanted.






Rick Denley, Director Sales & Marketing

I have worked with Steven for a number of years and met once per month on a regular basis. A testament to his quality work was that I kept to a monthly schedule when I had the option of cutting back or hiring another consultant. Steven has great insight into the Canadian Pharmaceutical market. His listening skills are excellent and though well thought out probes, he is able to assist me in problem-solving and achieving optimal outcomes. His blog and newsletters also have some very pertinent content. I would definitely recommend Steven!






John Raaby, Senior District Sales Manager

Steven has contributed enormously to the development team of sales managers. His communication skills and ability to build strong relations make him a great coach. The return on investment is positive! Thanks, Steven.






Gina Gauvin, National Sales Director

Steven knows how to ask the right questions. Our interactions helped me challenge personnel bias most likely affecting my prioritization of actions. Great listener but knows how to tell it straight, direct and quick when required.






Jean-Francois Dansereau, Brand Director Neuroscience

Steve is a great sales coach. Through the short period of time I worked with Steve, he added significant value and helped me refine my sales management skills to better coach and motivate my team to reach new heights. I would not hesitate in recommending Steve to any new sales manager who wants to be efficient in their new role quickly.






Louie-Anne Gauthier, B.A.A., M.Sc., PMP, Associate Sales Director

Steve is a great communicator who is really devoted to making you reach your personal goals. His style of coaching is straightforward and honest. He makes you think through the issues facing you in an inquisitive manner that makes you ask the right questions to get you closer to your goals. He is persistent and has a great sense of humour.






Orchid Jahanshahi, National Sales Director

Steve has worked with myself and my leadership team on several different projects. His deep knowledge of coaching and performance management has greatly helped us progress against our development goals and accelerate business performance. He’s a good business partner and a valuable asset to any team that is focused on driving superior performance.

Pierre Bourdage





Pierre Bourdage, Vice President Neuroscience & MS

Steven’s experience and focus regarding the implementation of the strategies and tactics with front-line managers have helped improve engagement at all levels.






Todd Daymond, Medical Aesthetics Marketing and Sales Executive

Steven has brought tremendous insights and perspectives – hiring a coach is a first step to elevate potential, achieve goals and develop as a Manager – Steven is a career catalyst.






Melanie Paquette, Associate Sales Director

I have been working with STAR Results since 2004 and have been impressed with the positive impact they have had on our business. Steven has worked extensively with our sales management team and is helping Allergan develop a high-performance sales organization. Allergan Canada’s Facial Aesthetics business has enjoyed strong growth over the past 5 years. Steven has been a valuable partner and personal mentor and contributed in part to our success.






Stu Folwer, Business Unit Director

After several sessions, I began to experience improvements in my personal and professional effectiveness. I have begun to tackle each day with the energy and focus that I once had. I would highly recommend Steven to business associates who are looking for greater personal and business success.



Ara Soukiassian, President
Steven brings a wealth of sales management experience to the table. He has been an excellent resource for us in terms of sales force strategic planning and introducing programs to enhance the level of coaching and execution with our managers. Steven’s flexibility and quick response time were also important in ensuring proposed solutions fit the needs of our business.

Warner Biddle




Warner Biddle, Vice President
In very short order, Steve helped me breakthrough key issues that were holding my business back from growth. I don’t think I could have done it as effectively or quickly without his help.





Susan McLennan, President
Steven is ENERGY and STRATEGY! The combination of these two produces a high-performing sales organization. I would recommend Steven’s services to any organization looking to transform their sales organization into an entrepreneurial hub for high performance.





Malcolm Gaberial, MBA;MA
Steven challenges you to think creatively to solve problems effectively. This, in turn, helps you make better decisions on your own and generate better results from your team. In working with Steve, I’ve learned a great deal about how to become a more effective coach. He’s allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities as a coach and this is already paying dividends in the results of my team.

Keith Nazar




Keith Nazar, District Sales Manager
Steve customized a practical “real world” coaching program that suited my needs and schedule. Each session with Steve allowed me to immediately begin implementing new coaching techniques with our sales force.




Chris Lavender, Sales and Marketing Manager
Your coaching helped me adjust to changes happening in my organization. It taught me that there is not only one way to manage people and that empowering yourself and your employees to be self-managers makes for happy self-motivated people. The Sky’s the limit!



Jaime Zuniga, Sales Manager
Steven Rosen is a person who is at the top of his game when it comes to being a great leader and inspirational coach. He believes in people and what they can accomplish and sincerely wants to see them succeed for their benefit, not his.





Luigi Berardelli, Business Unit Director
Steven coached me to become a skilled coach myself. He challenged me to do the necessary work to accelerate my management and coaching skill acquisition.

Steven’s coaching is simple, direct and effective. He coaches your own efforts to maximize results as you use the same techniques on your direct reports. Through the ongoing coaching process, Steven acted as a sounding board, a motivator, a mentor.





Mary Cuerrier, Sales Managers
I hired Steve Rosen to work with my District Sales Management team for the past 2 years as a Professional Coach to compliment my coaching. We have achieved our sales objectives and I’ve noticed good development of my team.

I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone who’s considering hiring a Professional Coach either for themselves or for their Sales Management Team.”





Domenic Maccarone, Senior Director Sales
Steven was key to the future of our sales organization. He highlighted a series of actions that could be taken in time: short, medium and long-term. He really showed expertise in the field of what a sales organization should look like. Don’t take my word for it, get in touch with him and you’ll see he drives results. Thanks, Steven.





Martin Lesperance, Director of Training
Steven is a respected coach who empowers people to want to make improvements in their life. Steven has the ability to listen closely and build a trusting rapport with his clients. His style is such that allows you to find solutions to your own questions. Steven helps you discover new skill sets so that you are independently successful in the future.






Scott Rogers, Director
Steven helped me to manage myself so that I could better manage my people. He has saved me an incredible amount of time helping me with concepts of accountability, time management, measuring effort and helping me to get the most out of my team. Steven’s coaching expertise will be an asset for getting the most out of any sales management team.





Gary Campbell, DSM
Steven has a great background in pharmaceutical sales and had a positive impact on the evolution of a Canadian field force I previously managed. His approach is very practical, particularly when it comes to enhancing sales manager coaching capabilities.

Warner Biddle




Warner Biddle, Vice President
Dear Steve,

It’s already been 9 months that we share this coaching experience. I must say that you have been of great help to me. I had someone to talk to and validate some of my ideas and thoughts.

Having a coach to help me out in my transition and into my new responsibilities has helped in many different ways:

• Building on peoples strengths and opportunities to drive success

Focusing on Efforts and Talent to Drive Results

• Listening versus telling

• My difficult cases to manage

I appreciate talking to you once a month as this is a good sounding board for me. You have always been honest in your feedback and pushed me to reflect and come up with my own solutions.




Stephane Legault, Area Business Manager.
Steven Rosen provided invaluable guidance to me as a new sales manager. His one on one coaching helped me develop skills to efficiently address some of the earlier challenges of people management. He expedited my integration into the new role of people manager and I continue to look forward to our coaching sessions- always flavoured with a mix of sage wisdom and good humour!






Janet Brown, Associate Sales Director.
Steven, I really appreciate the timing of your coaching as it has helped me define my role as a District Sales Manager. Your help was invaluable as I shift my thinking from being a colleague to a Manager to my reps.
You are incredibly skilled at asking thought-provoking questions that helped me see things from a different point of view and often held me accountable for achieving my goals.

Steven your coaching has made a difference in the way I manage my reps and helped build my self-confidence as District Sales Manager.





Ismael Deleon, DSM

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