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Steven Rosen is passionate about inspiring sales leaders to elevate their teams and drive business growth to new heights. With a remarkable track record, from surpassing sales objectives as a sales rep to leading as VP of Sales for Alcon and Biovail, Steven’s expertise is unparalleled. Recognized among Top Sales World’s top 50 sales thought leaders.

Steven has an undergraduate business degree and a Master’s in Business Administration from Concordia University. Sales leaders value his authenticity, engaging personality, and extensive sales leadership experience. As a highly sought-after sales leadership coach, Steven works with companies of all sizes and industries, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Discover the transformative power of Steven’s coaching and unlock your leadership potential.

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1. Authentic.


When you embark on a coaching journey with Steven, you’re in the hands of a genuine and compassionate leader. His coaching style is nonjudgmental, accompanied by a refreshing dose of humour that keeps the process engaging and enjoyable. You’ll experience a transformational journey that challenges your thinking, ignites action, and relentlessly holds you accountable.


2. Engaging.

Steven’s dynamic coaching approach leaves an indelible impact on sales executives and managers alike. Witness remarkable changes in focus, leadership skills, and personal and professional success. Steven maintains a genuine investment in your growth and your organization’s performance, driving you towards outstanding results.


3. Experienced.

With an unparalleled knowledge of sales and sales leadership, Steven’s two decades of experience in the trenches have honed his skills in building high-performance teams. As a mentor to senior sales executives and front-line sales managers, he’s a proven catalyst for outstanding results.



Step into the Future of Sales Leadership

Over 25 years of research have proven that the best way to achieve your objectives is not by implementing more training and certainly not by adding more technology but by coaching sales leaders to increase FOCUS.

Steven Rosen works exclusively with sales leaders. He understands the challenges and obstacles you’re up against. Sales leaders are overextended, dealing with everyday demands with little time to improve their leadership. Steven’s been there and broken through, and you can, too.

If you’re ready to lead and succeed, Steven is here to guide you on your transformative journey. Break through the barriers that hold you back and discover the path to outstanding results.

Let’s talk and unleash your true leadership potential.

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