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Steven Rosen renowned executive coach and sales leadership thought leader is passionate about performance! He loves to speak about the power of focus and how focus is a critical success factor in life and business. He believes that coaching is the key to engaging sales people and the key to driving performance.

Below you will find examples of three of his talks.

1. The Focus Factor

Is your organization ready to take on the challenges of today’s market?
Are you planning a national or regional sales meeting?
Are you looking for ways to motivate and energize your teams to achieve results?
Are you tired of the same old speakers and programs?

Unleash the Focus Factor at Your Next Meeting

If you want to ensure success, then Steven Rosen is the x-factor to make it happen!

Steven has developed The Focus Factor®, a guaranteed business formula that inspires sales managers and leaders to reach goals and exceed expectations. Focus is the #1 factor for achieving success. Steven believes that focus is a mindset that can be developed and honed.

Today’s intense business demands can lead many of us to go astray. We are constantly putting out fires, multi-tasking and feeling like we are spinning our wheels. As a result, organizations are increasingly struggling to meet their sales objectives.

Steven teaches you how to harness the power of focus in all aspects of your personal and professional life to achieve exceptional results.

You will learn how to:

  • Focus your attention, your energy and your time on the factors that will enable YOU to be successful
  • Build your personal commitment for success
  • Achieve your goals and dreams faster
  • Improve your daily productivity
  • Win more customers and influence people
  • Gain and maintain a competitive advantage
  • How to coach others to unleash The Focus Factor®


Steven will motivate and captivate your team with his down-to-earth approach and doable formula for success. Steven combines real life experiences that are aligned with your corporate culture and objectives to illustrate and inspire your teams. Once your teams learn how to apply The Focus Factor®, greater personal and professional successes are just around the corner!

Stretch your organization to achieve exceptional results!


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Steven Rosen Speaker



Steven Rosen Speaker

2. The Key to Driving Sales Performance

Is your sales organization operating at full potential?

Most sales organizations are operating below potential. In this session, Steven will share his key to unlocking the power of your sales force.

As a sales leader, the most important asset at your disposal is your sales force. “By building the right foundation for performance companies can expect to realize long-term improvement of their sellers.” – Steven A. Rosen


3. The New Sales Leadership Paradigm

Steven reviews different leadership styles and how each style relates to sales rep performance. He shares his 5 key factors for creating a high-performance sales culture.

Find out what successful sales leaders are doing to drive high performance.

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Skip the learning curve, and let Steven Rosen motivate

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It’s a win-win.

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