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formula for success

Achieving sales success is often perceived as a complex puzzle. But what if we told you that a simple formula can unlock the door to sales excellence! It’s a formula that revolves around the core concept of Quantity x Quality, and when combined with Focused Activity Management (QXQ+FAM), it becomes the ultimate recipe for sales success. I want to share this straightforward yet potent formula and explore how it can lead sales reps and leaders to unparalleled sales success.

The Core Principle: Quantity x Quality

At the heart of this formula lies a fundamental belief: Sales success results from multiplying Quantity by Quality. This applies to both sales reps and leaders, albeit slightly differently.

For Sales Reps: The equation is straightforward— the more highly effective sales calls you make, the better your results will be. In this context, quantity refers to the sheer volume of calls you make. However, it’s not just about making endless calls; it’s about ensuring each call is of the highest quality. Quality means engaging, personalized conversations that resonate with your prospects which leads to conversions.

For Sales Leaders: Your role in this formula is equally critical. The more time you invest in coaching and developing your sales reps, the better they become at their jobs. Quantity, in this context, pertains to the hours you dedicate to coaching and mentoring your team. Quality, on the other hand, relates to the effectiveness of your coaching sessions and how they translate into improved sales skills and performance.

The Missing Piece: Focused Activity Management

Let’s introduce the missing piece that elevates this formula to the next level—Focused Activity Management. This concept is about optimizing your time and efforts, ensuring you’re consistently aligned with the activities that drive results.

For Sales Reps: Focused Activity Management means allocating your time wisely. Instead of getting lost in a sea of low-impact tasks, you focus on making the highest quality sales calls. You eliminate distractions, streamline your processes, and prioritize your most promising leads.

For Sales Leaders: Focused Activity Management involves dedicating a significant portion of your time to coaching and developing your salespeople. By blocking off focused time for coaching sessions, you ensure that your efforts are concentrated where they matter most. It’s about creating an environment where your team thrives, evolves, and drives more sales.

Putting the Formula into Action

Let’s break down how this formula for sales success works in practice:

Sales Reps: If you’re a sales rep, strive to increase the quantity of your highly effective sales calls. Continuously refine your sales techniques, learn from each interaction, and adapt your approach to meet your prospects’ needs. Combine this with Focused Activity Management by minimizing distractions and staying dedicated to your core sales activities.

Sales Leaders: As a sales leader, invest more time coaching and developing your sales reps. This means regularly scheduling coaching sessions, providing constructive feedback, and tailoring your coaching to the individual needs of your reps. Use Focused Activity Management to block your coaching time.

The Result: Formula for Sales Success

Incorporating this simple formula for sales success—Quantity x Quality + Focused Activity Management—can lead to remarkable results. Sales reps will see their conversion rates soar as they make highly effective calls, while sales leaders will witness their teams transform into top-performing sales forces.

Remember, success in sales is not about working harder but working smarter. Understanding and applying this formula can unlock your full potential and achieve sales excellence. Whether you’re a sales rep aiming for bigger bonuses or a sales leader driving your team toward new heights, this formula is your guiding light on the path to success. Embrace it, implement it, and watch your sales soar.



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