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Coaching Mastery Program

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Sales Manager Training That Delivers

Measurable and Sustainable Improvements

in Sales Performance! 

Isn’t it time for you to invest in a sales manager training program that truly impacts your sales performance?

What if you could develop a team of top performing sales managers within the next 3 months?

It’s a revolutionary approach where I teach your sales managers my proven five-step process to help them become highly effective master coaches, develop their salespeople, and improve sales performance.

It’s up to your sales managers to lead their team, but I guarantee you, if your sales managers follow my five-step process, your sales reps will improve their performance, be more engaged and you’ll crush your sales numbers.

Many sales managers find it hard to find time to coach because they lack the skills and a proven coaching framework.

Introducing the Coaching Mastery Program

This is not your traditional sales management training program. We provide your sales managers with a full reinforcement plan, including one-on-one coaching, access to on-demand how-to-video content, online assessments, coaching tools, and templates.

Once your sales managers implement this system, your sales team will perform at a higher level. Your sales managers will become master coaches that coach more frequently. They will communicate and lead their team with greater confidence and crush their sales numbers.

Coaching Mastery Development Process

After training 100’s of sales executives and thousands of sales managers, I’ve learned that there are 5 steps to developing your salespeople and improve their skills. As a result, I have created The Coaching Mastery Program for first and second line sales managers.

Step 1: Benchmarking Coaching Skills

sales manager training assessment

The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot ™ is a sales manager assessment tool that provides senior sales management with an objective measure of how effective their sales managers coach. The report is based on feedback from the sales reps who receive the coaching. Managers receive a detailed report and 1 on 1 debriefing. They will get a better understanding of their strengths and potential blind spots.

Step 2: Coaching Training

In Focused Sales Coaching™ sales manager training program, your sales managers will learn how to effectively coach and develop their salespeople to be top performers – leading to increased sales, better engagement, and improved job satisfaction.

Sales managers learn the five-step Focused Sales Coaching™ methodology to enhance their sales coaching skills and accelerate the development of their sales team. Steven follows up monthly to ensure that your sales managers are successfully implementing and mastering the Focused Sales Coaching™ methodology.

Options:  Workshop | Online training | Use your existing coaching methodology

Sales Manager Training program

Step 3: Coaching the Coach

Sales Manager Coaching

We reinforce and support the program with Coaching the Coach™. Sales managers can apply their learning’s to their own real-life situations. The most effective way of learning is by a real-time application. We provide 1:1 coaching to support your sales managers in their journey to becoming a master sales coach.

Options: First and/or Second Line Sales Managers

Step 4: Coaching Tools 

  1. Email Reminders
  2. Coaching Optimizer
  3. Field Visit Report
  4. Coaching Journey

sales manager coaching tools

Step 5: Coaching Cadence and Accountability

We build a structured review and accountability process to ensure that your program is executed with excellence. On a monthly, quarterly and semi-annual basis, we ensure your program is on track.

1.Optimizer Review

  • Actual and planned days in the field
  • Area for development

2. Coaching Progress Update

  • Review Field Visit Reports
  • Rep coaching plan progress

3. Coaching Debrief

  • Successes and challenges
  • Review individual FLM development plan

4. Semi-Annually Review

  • Reassess your sales managers coaching effectiveness to gauge the impact of the program.
  • Conduct a formal review meeting with senior management to evaluate the success of the program and the next steps.

Sales Manager Training program

People respect what you inspect

Your Sales Managers will be Transformed into Master Sales Coaches!

Your Sales Managers Will:

This may be the best investment your company will ever make.

Let this be the year you finally have a system in place to develop your salespeople, improve engagement, and crush your sales numbers.

See What Sales Managers Have to Say About Our Sales Manager Training

Sales management review

Mike Dahab, National Sales Manager

“I found the initial assessment allowed me to understand the areas that I could improve on to become a better coach. The online learning program provided me with a methodology which Steven supported with coaching every time I had an issue. I highly recommend the STAR Coaching Mastery Program to any sales manager who wants to grow their skills and their sales.”

Sales management training testimonial;

Paul Cooper, VP EMEA & Asia Litmos by CallidusCloud

“The STAR Coaching Mastery Program is based on Steven’s many years of experience coaching. The format is easy to digest with useful supporting materials, tools, and appropriate quizzes. The monthly coaching sessions helped me perfect my skills.”

sales management training testimonial

 Marie-Hélène Gagnon, Regional Sales Manager

“The STAR Coaching Mastery Program has helped me focus on coaching my people. Guiding and empowering my team to find answers for themselves, take- action and be accountable. His coaching support has proven to be extremely valuable.”

Transform Your Sales Managers into Master Sales Coaches 

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See What Sales Experts Have to Say 

Sales management review

Ken Thoreson, President Acumen Management Group LTD

The STAR Coaching Mastery Program uses the Adult Learning Model with video methodology and combines coaching tools, workbooks, quizzes, 1 on1 coaching to make the training stick. I highly recommend this important course on learning how to effectively coach salespeople.

Anthony Iannarino, International Speaker and Author of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

“If you want the fastest and surest path to better sales performance, the answer is coaching. Steven Rosen’s STAR Coaching Mastery Program will give the tools and techniques you need to coach your team to greater success now.”

sales management review

Mike Weinberg, Author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Sales Management. Simplified.

“There is not a single sales manager who wouldn’t benefit from the STAR Coaching Mastery Program by Steven Rosen. Stop making excuses for why you can’t or don’t have time to coach your people and take advantage of Steven’s expertise at developing great sales leaders.

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