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If you are considering sales manager training then you need to consider the following:

1. Sales managers are the key to unleash the performance of your sales team and coaching is the rocket fuel.

Sales coaching can increase performance by 19%

2. Most sales managers are poor coaches.

They don’t spend enough time coaching and don’t follow a proven coaching methodology. Managers are overwhelmed and lack the tools and skills to be highly effective coaches.

3. Sales manager training alone fails to create skill mastery.

Without reinforcement, 87% of training is forgotten within 30 days. The last thing you want is to invest in training that fails to gain traction, and the sales managers go back to what they have been doing for years.

Solution: Then develop a team of Master Coaches! 

Coaching is the only way to develop master sales coaches. Sales managers need to be coached, mentored, taught, given the tools and held accountable to master their coach skills.

Introducing The Coaching Mastery Sales Manager Training Program

Coaching Mastery is for both new and tenured sales managers.  Sales managers who are coachable, willing to put in the work, and embrace coaching will experience significant performance improvements.


We teach your sales managers our leading-edge Focused Sales Coaching™ methodology online. Let your sales managers learn at their own pace and review the training whenever they need a refresher or encounter an obstacle.

Coaching Enablement Tools

We provide pull-through sales coaching tools that will help your sales managers put their learnings into action to ensure you get maximum return on your investment.

  • STAR Coaching Optimizer
  • STAR Field Visit Report
  • STAR Coaching Journey

The Coaching Mastery Difference  

We provide your sales managers with training, tools and reinforce their learnings with 1:1 coaching. We also build accountability metrics to ensure implementation.

Coaching Mastery

Coaching makes the difference.




Coaching & Mentoring

We go way beyond just TEACHING your sales managers how to coach. We walk them through the entire process, step by step, and coach them every step along the way. We use a combination of monthly one-on-one coaching and group Q&A sessions.

Steven works exclusively with your sales managers; you don’t get an associate or junior colleague.

Power of coaching

Cadence & Accountability

Creating the cadence and accountability to keep your coaching program on track. We believe in “What Gets Measured Gets Done.” We work with senior sales management to establish, measure and review key coaching metrics.

Our 5 Step Transformation Process

After coaching hundreds of sales managers, I’ve learned that there are five steps to developing master sales coaches.

Step 3:

Coaching Tools

sales manager training program

Coaching Enablement Tools

Step 4:

1-on-1 Coaching

sales manager training program

Coaching the Coach

Step 5:


sales manager training program

Keeping on Track


Our Sales Manager Training Helps Transform Managers Into Master Coaches

Sales management review

Mike Dahab, National Sales Manager

“I found the initial assessment allowed me to understand the areas that I could improve on to become a better coach. The online learning program provided me with a methodology which Steven supported with coaching every time I had an issue. I highly recommend the STAR Coaching Mastery Program to any sales manager who wants to grow their skills and their sales.”

Sales management training testimonial;

Paul Cooper, VP EMEA & Asia Litmos by CallidusCloud

“The STAR Coaching Mastery Program is based on Steven’s many years of experience coaching. The format is easy to digest with useful supporting materials, tools, and appropriate quizzes. The monthly coaching sessions helped me perfect my skills.”

sales management training testimonial

Marie-Hélène Gagnon, Regional Sales Manager

“The STAR Coaching Mastery Program has helped me focus on coaching my people. Guiding and empowering my team to find answers for themselves, take- action, and be accountable. Steven’s one on one coaching has proven to be extremely valuable.”

Executive Coaching Clients

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