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Accelerate™ the Performance of New Sales Managers. You have just hired a new sales manager or promoted one of your high potential people. The first 90 days are critical for the success of any new sales manager. Hence new sales manager onboarding is critical for the success of the team.

Please don’t leave it to chance!

You know they’ll help the bottom line once they’ve learned the ropes. If only you could accelerate their integration process.

If only your new sales managers could hit the ground running.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your organization have an onboarding program to help new sales managers?
  • Are your new sales managers driving performance in their first 90 days in their new role?
  • Would you like to accelerate the performance of your new sales manager?

Accelerate™ will help your new sales managers drive performance in their districts faster and with greater confidence. As a result, we can help your new sales managers navigate obstacles that may negatively impact team performance.

Note: 40% of new sales managers fail within 18 month

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3111d9fSteven helped me to manage myself so that I could better manage my people. He has saved me an incredible amount of time, helping me with concepts of accountability, time management, measuring effort and helping me to get the most out of my team.

Gary Campbell, DSM, Lundbeck
1172518Steven provided invaluable guidance to me as a new sales manager. His 1 on 1 coaching helped me develop skills to address some of the earlier challenges of people management effectively. He expedited my integration into the new role of a people manager.
Janet Brown, Associate Sales Director.
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