Sales Manager Coaching

Sales manager coaching is an ongoing development process. Reinforcement is critical to creating skill mastery. As a result, we created a revolutionary approach to leadership coaching. We provide sales managers with blended learning and continuous reinforcement to ensure sales managers can master core leadership skills.

Your sales managers receive customized one-on-one leadership coaching and training, access to on-demand, how-to-video content, online assessments, coaching tools, and templates.

Consequently, sales managers that implement this system, find that their salespeople will perform at a higher level, they will communicate and lead their team with greater confidence, and they’ll crush their sales quotas month-over-month.

To help transform sales managers into Master Sales Coaches.

Steven’s Sales Manager Coaching is designed to reinforce, sustain and perfect key sales management skills and put those skills into action.

Steven is considered a thought leader in the area of leadership coaching and a seasoned sales management expert.

He understands the challenges that sales managers face.

Over 25 years of research has proven that the best way to CRUSH your sales numbers is not by more training, but by his leadership coaching approach. Steven’s approach helps sales managers improve FOCUS and understand their core driver(s).

You may think you know what motivates your team, but it’s almost always a deeper and often hidden personal and individual reason that drives each team member to achieve peak performance levels.

Massive ROI

Sales managers, who have worked with Steven:

  • Experienced greater confidence, became better coaches and people managers.
  • Improved communication with bosses and peers.
  • Application of the principles of empowerment and accountability.
  • Proactively managing performance and performance issues.
  • Improved sales performance.

What our clients say:


I hired Steven to work with my Sales Management team. Steven was able to identify our needs and put a program together that benefited our organization by providing the necessary coaching and strategy to gain the positive results we wanted.

Rick Denley, Director of Sales & Marketing


Steven has contributed enormously to the development team of sales managers. His communication skills and ability to build strong relations make him a great coach. The return on investment is positive!

Gina Gauvin, National Sales Director


“I hired Steven to work with my District Sales Management team, we have achieved our sales objectives and I’ve noticed good development of my team. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone who’s considering hiring a Professional Coach either for themselves or for their Sales Management Team.”

Domenic Maccarone, Senior Director Sales

Don’t Settle for Mediocer Sales Performance

Does this sound like you?

  1. You cut your sales force to the bone.
  2. You created a leaner and meaner sales team.
  3. Your sales broke all records….or maybe not. What happened?

Maximize the impact of your sales force. Developing top sales talent is critical, have you built the foundation for talent development? In this economy, leaders are realizing that without great sales manager coaching all you are doing is settling for sales mediocrity.

Coaching Drives Performance

The No. 1 activity that drives sales rep performance is sales-coaching, highly effective coaches can improve sales performance by as much as 19%!

The challenge is that most sales managers are not strong coaches.

Coaching is one of the most difficult skills to master. It requires a different mindset than managing or leading.  Changing your approach with your reps to a “coaching mindset” is a learned skill that requires a high level of self-awareness and on-going reinforcement coaching.

Sales Manager Coaching

Sales Manager Coaching is a breakthrough in personalized coaching approaches. Based on the individual needs of the sales manager, the focus is on the 5 essential skills of high-performance sales managers:

  1. Focused Sales Coaching
  2. Hiring Stars
  3. Proactive Performance Management
  4. Business Acumen and Planning
  5. Leadership

Steven coaches sales managers in an objective and nonjudgmental manner. This enables individuals to reach their true potential. Steven takes a simple, direct and effective approach. Sales managers learn the 5 Step Focused Coaching methodology as they go through the sales manager coaching program.

The Focused Sales Coaching methodology is supported by individual coaching. Sales managers can then apply their learning’s to their own real-life situations. The most effective way of learning is by the real-life application.

The process is flexible to accommodate the needs of the busy sales manager.

Steven’s passion, drive, and energy are focused solely on helping his clients become the best they can be. He maintains a personal investment in his clients’ success and the performance of their team.

Next Step: Schedule a time with Steven to discuss how he can transform your sales managers into Master sales coaches.

Sales Manager Coaching, Toronto, ON

New Sales Manager Coaching | Accelerate™

Accelerate™ the Performance of New Sales Managers. You have just hired a news sales manager or promoted one of your high potential people. The first 90 days are critical for the success of any new sales manager. Hence new sales manager onboarding is critical for the success of the team.

Don’t leave it to chance!

You know they’ll help the bottom line once they’ve learned the ropes. If only you could accelerate their integration process.

If only your new sales managers could hit the ground running.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your organization have an onboarding program to help new sales managers?
  • Are your new sales managers driving performance in their first 90 days in their new role?
  • Would you like to accelerate the performance of your new sales manager?

Accelerate™ will help your new sales managers drive performance in their districts faster and with greater confidence. As a result, we can help your new sales managers navigate through obstacles that may negatively impact team performance.

Note: 40% of new sales managers fail within 18 month

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Next Step: Schedule a time with Steven to discuss how I can help accelerate the performance of your new sales manager.

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3111d9fSteven helped me to manage myself so that I could better manage my people. He has saved me an incredible amount of time helping me with concepts of accountability, time management, measuring effort and helping me to get the most out of my team.

Gary Campbell, DSM, Lundbeck
1172518Steven provided invaluable guidance to me as a new sales manager. His 1 on 1 coaching helped me develop skills to effectively address some of the earlier challenges of people management. He expedited my integration into the new role of a people manager.
Janet Brown, Associate Sales Director.
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