Sales Management Training Tip: Don’t Hire the Plug and Play

Don’t Hire the Plug and Play

By Steven Rosen

Welcome to Sales Management TV. My goal is to provide you with insights and pearls that you can easily use in your day to day work.

I am Steven Rosen author of 52 Sales Management Tips and executive sales coach. This week’s tip is about hiring the right candidate. You have a vacant territory, and you have narrowed your search down to two candidates.

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The first candidate Joe knows the products, knows customers and knows the industry. He strikes you as competent but not that too hungry. Joe is what I call a plug and play. He is ready to go and won’t require much of your time

The second candidate Rob is passionate, driven and eager to prove himself. He has some sales experience but will require some work. Rob will need training and coaching to get up to speed. You really like his attitude and willingness to do what it takes.

I have worked with many sales managers who feel under the gun to hire. They are overburdened with achieving their sales numbers, dealing with head office and now they have to hire a rep. I am sure you can relate. If you are feeling pressured the easiest thing you can do is hire Joe the plug and play. He will make your life easier in the short term.

But you need to resist the temptation. The tip of the week is DON’T HIRE THE PLUG AND PLAY.

The plug and play will not always give you a high level of performance in the long term. I like Rob. He has a winning attitude. He may have a slower start, but in within six months, he will develop the relationships and knowledge that he lacks. He will most likely be a better performer over time.

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