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Welcome back to another episode of Sale Management TV. Last week I had had some coaching sessions with sales managers and came across a reoccurring theme.

As you know, the goal of coaching is to put a sales rep on a path to improving a behavior, skill or competency which will have a positive impact on their performance.

What I have seen is that managers do a really good job identifying or diagnosing areas for improvement.
They do an equally good job at suggesting how the sales can improve and what they could be doing differently.

Again these same managers are great at putting this feedback in a field coaching report.
The only problem with this is that they do not see any improvement.

Are you finding the same things with your reps? Are you doing a great job diagnosing, providing solutions and of course documenting?

Is this working for you? If it’s not then, I am going to give you two options

1. You can blame the reps for lack of follow-through which would be warranted or
2. You can shift you coaching

And that is what I am going to talk to you about today. It is a paradigm shift in coaching. What I do is shift the responsibility for improvement directly and fully on the sales representative. The shift goes like this:

1. It starts with the sales rep identifying or diagnosing an important area for improvement.
2. Next, it shifts back to the rep to come up with ways they can become better.
3. And lastly, the rep documents their plan of action for improvement and sends it to you.

Try it, and we will and let me know what changes you see.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s tip.

Sales Management Training

Sales Management Training

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