Sales Management Training Tip 8 – Customise your Coaching

Sales Management Training Tip #8: Customize Your Coaching

By Steven A. Rosen

Welcome back to Sales Management TV. Today I want to talk to you about a very important aspect of coaching. The tip of the week is “Customize Your Coaching.”

Coaching is a “one to one” sport. It has to be specific and delivered in a way that best speaks to the individual.
Training is a one size fits all activity. Coaching, on the other hand, must be customized to the individual. Coaching starts with diagnosing each sales reps particular area for improvement. It is best when the sales rep is self-aware and can self-evaluate areas for improvement. Then adapting your coaching style to the person and about developing individualized development plans. It is unique to each rep.

Don’t be one of those managers who coach all their reps the same way. If you do, then you have fallen into the trap of “one size fits all” coaching.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s tip.

Remember you hold the key to unlocking the potential of your sales team.

Sales Management Training

Sales Management Training

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