Sales Management Training Tip 2 – Start Asking

By Steven A. Rosen

Great Sales Coaches Ask Effective Questions

Do you want to be told what to do? Do you want your boss to be a micro-manager? Of course not. You want your boss to ask you what you think. Why are you constantly telling your sales people what to do?

STOP telling and start asking.
Great sales coaches ask effective questions.

Effective questioning forces reps to come up with their own solutions and improve their performance. Effective questioning creates self-awareness and self-managing salespeople.

Warning: It is not your job to solve your sales reps issues! No, they are highly paid professionals who want the ability to solve their own issues.
The first step in great coaching is to STOP tell and start asking. Try this next time a rep comes to you with a problem

I hope you enjoyed this week’s tip.

Sales Management Training

Sales Management Training

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