Sales Management Training #49 – Executing with Excellence

Sales Management Training Tip #49: The Theory of 8

By. Steven A. Rosen

Sales managers who execute with excellence use my simple Theory of 8. Yes, want to change behavior, get your reps focused than you need to repeat your message eight times.

Hi, I’m Steven Rosen for Sales Management Training TV. Winning sales managers that execute with excellence may seem like they are senile.

Applying the Theory of 8 to sales management means repeating the goal or plan of action 8 times until everyone on the team understands and can effectively execute their part in achieving the goal.

That means repeating the goal
Yes you must repeat the goal
The key is repeating the goal
Hahaha, you get it!

By repeating your goal or plan eight times you are in fact reaffirming the goal and effectively implanting it in the minds of your sales reps.
You now have a communal goal. Excellence is around the corner!

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Remember you hold the key to unlocking the potential of your sales team. Have a successful week.

Sales Management Training

Sales Management Training

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