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My new book helps sales managers unlock hidden sales The Sales Manager's Success Guidepotential!

When a company hits a sales slump, most look at the sales staff — but that’s a mistake, in my new book 52 Sales Management Tips: The Sales Manager’s Success Guide (Amazon; Kindle $8.99) I share insights for sales managers to help them achieve better results and retain top sales talent.

52 Sales Management Tips is easy to read the book which offers common-sense tips and advice to help anyone, from the owner of a small business to the sales manager overseeing billions of dollars of business, better manage those in the trenches to increase profitability.

Brian Tracey, author, Getting Rich Your Own Way said, “The sales manager is the pivotal person in the sales-driven organization, and Steven’s book shows you how to excel!”

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Seeking BOLD SALES LEADERS looking to build a winning team and develop a performance culture that achieves outstanding results.

Are you ready to consistently exceed your sales objectives by 10-20%?

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Steven helps companies transform sales managers into great sales leaders. His focused coaching helps clients achieve greater personal and professional success. Steven is the author of 52 Sales Management Tips - The Sales Manager’s Success Guide.

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