Sales Management Tips: How to Succeed in Business in 52 Steps

The road to success for a sales manager is paved with potholes. You may be in a new senior role or have just become a new sales manager. In a fantasy world, we are all set up, trained, supported and developed. In the real world, we are rarely ready or prepared to
walk into our next position.

What can you do to ensure you are successful in any role? How do you become the “go to person?” I certainly wasn’t trained or ready for any of the roles I assumed. Here’s what I chose to do, it’s simple, it’s clear, and it works. My tried and true formula for success is Focus.

Tip #20: Focus and Success

I was fortunate to have been promoted into seven different roles over a five-year period, moving from a sales rep to a VP of three divisions. My secret to success in each role was to figure out the 2 or 3 key success factors and making sure my team did those 2-3 KSFs not just adequately, but extremely well.

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