Sales Management Challenges: Coaching the Self Doubter II

Common sales management challenges.


I want to thank those of you who have shared their thoughts on “How to coach the self doubter?”


We all know self doubters in our personal and professional lives. Many of them are highly successful. From a cognitive perspective, the self doubter looks at the 10% of things there don’t do well and apply it to 100% of what they do. Therefore they lack the self-confidence to accept sales coaching.


The key to self-confidence is being conscious about know what you do well and what you don’t do well. The self doubter lacks is unconsciously competent and consciously incompetent. Another word, they do not know what they do well but are all too aware of what they don’t do well. If you try to tell them what they do well by nature they remain in doubt. They are difficult to coach because they naturally become defensive to your sales coaching.


As an executive leadership coach, you need to help this individual to self discover what they do well. Help them become consciously competent!


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Steven Rosen

Sales Management Expert