52 Sales Management Tips is written for sales managers who struggle within a corporate environment that doesn’t support them or their development needs. Whether you are a sales executive, senior sales leader or a new, experienced or aspiring sales manager, I’m confident you will find this sales management book to be a valuable guide to consult whenever you are experiencing problems.

Insightsquard name 52 Sales Management Tips one of the 12 Best Sales Management Books EVER Written.

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1. Frontline sales managers drive performance

Frontline sales managers are facing unprecedented change. Managers are dealing with increased demands to do more with less and are still expected to drive sales performance. With little support from the next line of sales management and a lack of relevant courses and ongoing development, you may feel stretched to the limit.

  • The #1 performance factor for salespeople is the quality of their manager.
  • The #1 manager activity associated with rep success is coaching. Highly effective sales coach impacts sales performance by as much as 20%!
  • The #1 reason why top-performing sales reps leave an organization is their relationship with their manager.

2. Lack of development of front-line sales managers

Overworked and under-supported frontline sales managers are desperately looking for resources to improve their performance. This sales management book was written for sales managers who understand the need to develop themselves. They have figured out that they must take charge of their own success.

  • Organizations are not investing enough funds to support the growth and development of their frontline sales managers.
  • The next line of sales management is stretched too far and not always qualified to support their sales managers.
  • Frontline sales managers are poorly prepared, overworked and under-supported to perform their jobs well.


3. 52 Sales Management Tips to the rescue

I have distilled over 20 years of my sales management, sales executive and sales executive coaching insights into one simple sales management book. I am always amazed at the positive reaction I continually receive when I share these tips with the sales leaders that I coach. Once you begin, you will immediately begin to benefit from my experience coaching mediocre managers into “star sales leaders.” You, yourself will become a sales leader to follow
  • With simple, easy to employ tips to help improve manager performance.
  • Based on 20 years of my sales executive management and coaching insights.
  • Sales executives as well as new, aspiring and veteran sales managers will all benefit.
Everyone will find this sales management book to be a valuable asset. It is the go-to guide to sales management success.


What people are saying about 52 Sales Management Tips

Wow, Steve has goSkip Millert it right… Focus on sales management to increase sales performance. No complicated strategy, just actionable coaching tidbits that guide you to the right tool for the right situation at the right time. You will be amazed at how you can tackle so many management issues in so few words…52 times. This book is a must for sales management professionals.

William ‘Skip’ Miller, author, ProActive Sales Management
Brian Tracy







52 Sales Management TIAndy-Miller2PS is a must-read for any frontline sales manager or for anyone aspiring to be a frontline sales manager! Sadly over the last 30 years, there has been a documented decline in the professional development of frontline sales managers by too many corporations. Thank God Steven Rosen has written 52 Sales Management TIPS. It is short, concise, relevant and insightful. Follow Steven’s advice, implement one tip a week and watch your people transform while sales soar!
Andy Miller, Founder and Senior Partner, Big Swift Kick
I very much enjoyed Steven’s 52-S0afec4fales Management Tips. He has a practical and straightforward approach to sales management. I feel his lessons are a must-read for any first-time people manager and a great reminder for those who’ve been leading sales teams for years.

Stu Fowler, General Manager Allergan Canada
Congratulations Steven on “52 Sales Management Tips”. You have put together a guide that’s easy to read, filled with practical tips and that help Sales Managers succeed in becoming more effective and productive in the job of Sales Management. I recommend this book to all Sales Managers!

Domenic Maccarone, Senior Director, Sales
In 52 Sales Jill KonrathManagement Tips, Rosen offers practical, actionable tips for sales managers to “up” their game. By acting on these tidbits of wisdom, you’ll see a big difference in your sales results.

Jill Konrath, author, SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies
The role of the sales manager is far more import3df1057ant than the sales profession realizes. Fortunately, Steven Rosen has written a “go-to” book for sales managers looking to improve their skills. I’m recommending this must-have reference guide to the sales managers I know so that they can begin today to be better equipped for any challenges and opportunities that come their way.
Mark Hunter ‘The Sales Hunter’
Few if any (until now) sale2435821s books on the market currently address one of the most critical elements for consistent sales success, specifically the front line sales manager. Steven Rosen’s brilliant book is concise, to the point, and most importantly executable. It is a fact that the ROI on a dollar invested in a front-line sales manager is much greater than a dollar invested in sales reps, your first investment to maximize your returns should be in this book.
Tibor Shanto, Principal – Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.
Time is of t2432581he essence in today’s workplace and in this quick and definitely easy-to-read book Steven Rosen shares his own 20 plus years of executive coaching. Steven uses his personal sales experience to create a guide full of common sense with a dash of humour (see tip #26). This book is an action springboard for those sales managers regardless of experience level who are seeking simple changes that will quickly translate into sustainable sales success.

Leanne Hoagland-Smith, CRO & Founder of ADVANCED SYSTEMS
Steven has written a great book with 04295a7many ideas that can turn a good sales manager into a great one. If you will just concentrate on effectively implementing one idea a week into your leadership style by the end of a year’s time, I am 100% certain your results will be incredible.

Jerry Acuff, CEO and founder of Delta Point
3bbd6d1Steven Rosen nailed it with 52 Sales Management Tips. Front-line sales management is an incredibly difficult job with different constituencies pulling you in every direction. Senior executives want one thing, customers another, and your own team is all-to-happy steal your time. Rosen’s sales management book brings much-needed outside perspective to help you lead, set the agenda and take back control of your calendar. It’s easy to read, well laid out and gushes with practical, actionable tips. Get it!

Mike Weinberg, Sales Consultant, Coach and Author of the Amazon Bestseller New Sales. Simplified.
Any sales manager, whether he/she is newly promoted, or a seasoned veteran, will get valuable, instantly-useable ideas in Steven Rosen’s 52 Sales Management Tips. It’s not a book to just be read once, review it regularly to take advantage of all the wisdom shared from Steven’s 20 years of experience.

Art Sobczak, author, ‘Smart Calling-Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection and Cold Calling.
If there’s one thing that’s more diffic059edcbult than selling, it’s managing people who sell. In this practical book, sales guru Steven Rosen reveals one sales management tip for every week of the year. Follow Steven’s suggestions and I can confidently predict that your sales figures will rise sharply.

David Straker, author, ‘Changing Minds’
32180e2When Steve asked me to read his book I jumped at the chance. He has created a sales management book for sales leaders,’ jammed packed with concise ideas and tips for all sales managers. I believe Steve’s book should become a “field guide book” for sales management. Carry it with you everywhere! Read it three times to capture all the insights and then re-read every six months!

Ken Thoreson, author, Your Sales Management Guru series, Acumen Management Group
17c7495Steven Rosen actively coaches sales executives and sales managers to drive performance through people. His new book, 52 Sales Management Tips – The Sales Manager’s Success Guide, is packed with pearls of wisdom that will help any sales leader take their game to the next level. If you lead a sales team, Steven’s practical and tactical sales management tips will help you to inspire your team and drive more sales.
Dr. Tony Alessandra, author, The Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery and The NEW Art of Managing People
Steven Rosen, one of the top sales coaches I know, has written a phenomenal book for sales managers’ that has the power to transform their professional lives. Steven has expounded on 52 of the most vital actions a sales manager must pay attention to, to be successful. This is a sales management book that will help you with hiring, coaching and training salespeople and produce more business than you ever imagined.
Robert Terson, author, Selling Fearlessly
Steven has put 52 of the most important actions and behaviors of top sales coaching into one concise book! Steven’s sales management book reminds me of some of the 255874abehaviors I need to exhibit to be the best coach I can! These 52 tips should be on the top of your desk!
Jim Hughes, Sales Leadership Consulting
Steven has put together a concise han139755adbook that’s easy to understand and apply. Steven’s expert gems are truly golden for sales managers wrestling with hiring, training and coaching salespeople, managing customers and winning business and managing executive expectations all at the same time.
Craig Klein, President/CEO Sales Nexus
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