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Sales Leadership Roundtable – Part II

Part II from the sales leadership roundtable includes over 30 great tips from a group of awesome leaders on how they are communicating during this crisis. Click here to read Part I.

We all realized that we are all in unchartered waters. There is no playbook we can refer too, most of us are making it up as we go along. However, we all shared the same goal to come out of this crisis better, stronger and be more liked and respected by our clients.

Keep track of how many of these tips you are doing and what was the best new idea you got from the list.

Keep track

How are We Communicating With Our 


  1. Understanding that your customers are overwhelmed, and it is important and vital to be empathetic to their needs.
  2. Texting customers directly to connect as it is more of a personal touch.
  3. Shift messaging to ensure reps are reaching out to customers, so post-COVID customers will remember how we maintained communication with them.
  4. Rather than attempting to sell something, we need to reach out and say, “how can we help you? You must be struggling, is there anything we can do?”
  5. Messaging has shifted from competitive take-outs to how can we help drive down cost reductions to drive efficiency.
  6. Coach your teams to be sensitive to the situation as some industries have ground to a complete halt.
  7. Be mindful of what’s happening during the closedown/unemployment.
  8. We provided free access to relevant content, so there are remote readiness and productivity academy.
  9. Be sensitive to customers as there are millions that are unemployed.
  10. Help our customers to help their patients utilize the product correctly.
  11. Be aware that some of our business partners are laying off staff, and we now have our reps/ customer service people working from home.
  12. Be aware that small owner operations with small shops are worried about laying off their staff and how they will pay their bills. We created a proper program with our finance team on how they can pursue and take advantage of this financial relief.
  13. Maintain a personal touch with customers by picking up the phone and seeing how people are doing.
  14. Create a journal club.

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Watch Roundtable Discussion

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  1. Texting is easier as our bosses might be driving us crazy.
  2. Texting with low frequency and high content.
  3. They are aligned to priorities. Ensure that what we say is not often what people will hear as sometimes people misinterpret, so make sure to have that feedback loop to your boss on what you are hearing.


  1. Have daily meetings to touch base where everyone can share items.
  2. Friday’s, we have a series of meetings and huddles in the morning and a conference call.
  3. To keep things light, introduce yourself as a celebrity.
  4. Create Google Hangouts.
  5. Invite a friendly customer to the chat where they will talk about why they chose us.
  6. Reinforce the positive vibes.
  7. Set a time once a week where your employees can talk about anything they want.
  8. Meet with your direct leadership and touch base with them and then meet with the whole franchise.
  9. Summarize what has happened this week, what can you expect, any concerns you want me to flag up the organization.
  10. Have a formal business meeting and then break off into individual teams where they will walk through the practicality of the week ahead.
  11. Start the week off by reconnecting as a leadership team and as a franchise.
  12. Ensure individual teams are clear on priorities for the upcoming week.
  13. Create two hangouts during the week, where everyone is welcome to join and share.
  14. Create townhalls so all employees can hear the same message from management.
  15. Focus on communication – to both customers and employees, ask, “is there anything you need? What can we do to help?”
  16. Make yourself available to answer all questions and concerns.

What a great group I had on the sales leadership roundtable.

Please add a comment on what you are doing that has the biggest impact in the comments section below.

This crisis shall pass, so we must understand that what we do during this crisis for our customers, employees and community will have a lasting impact when this crisis ends.

Stay safe and stay healthy,


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