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Would you like your very own sales leadership mastermind group and advisory board? 

COVID has changed all aspects of our lives. With social distancing and self-isolation, seeing friends and extended family is off-limits. Your business, primarily how your sales team interacts with your customers, has been disrupted.

As there are no sales pandemic playbooks, you have been forced to find new ways to adapt. Each day, each week, you end up writing a new chapter to your playbook.

Wouldn’t it be great to tap into a network of like-minded sales leaders in different industries and in different countries who are all dealing with COVID?

What if you had a group of mentors who could support you, provide you with new ideas and advice on how to help you lead your sales teams through this crisis?

What if you had access to a private and exclusive COVID task force where you can openly discuss your challenges and learn from peers?

How does that sound?

The Sales Executive Leadership Forum is for:

Do you want the benefits of shared knowledge than join the Sales Leadership Executive Forum?

Here are the details:

  • Monthly virtual group sessions from the comfort of your home office.
  • Unlimited email access to me and your group.
  • Small groups of sales leaders (10-12).
  • All sessions facilitated by Steven.
  • Bring an open mind, sharing attitude and a willingness to participate in all sessions actively.
  • Your commitment is a one-time payment of $1200 for a full year, that’s 12 sessions.

I know that you will get extreme value from your membership in the group and that you will make a positive contribution as well.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn, grow and be your best!

About Steven Rosen

Steven’s purpose is to help sales executives transform, their managers, salespeople and results!

He’s become one of the most trusted sales leadership coaches and has helped transform hundreds of sales leaders to deliver STAR results.

Steven has proven that the best way to achieve your objectives is not by implementing more training and certainly not by adding more technology but by coaching sales leaders to increase FOCUS.

He created the Sales Leadership Mastermind Group to help sales access to peers to tap into a network of like-minded sales leaders in different industries who are all dealing with COVID and find solutions to thrive in the new normal.

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I would like to join the Sales Executive Leadership Forum mastermind group!

Mastermind Group

  • Note: The group is exclusively for people who lead sales teams.
  • We have opened up two Mastermind groups. Select the group based on the day and time you would prefer.
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