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The higher you move up in an organization, the harder it is to find honest feedback. You are expected to have the answers, yet how do you know you have the best solutions?

It’s lonely at the top.

There are no post-pandemic playbooks. You have been forced to find new ways to adapt. Each day, each week, you end up writing a new chapter to your playbook.

Do you feel like some days you wish to connect with like-minded people that understand your challenges? More importantly, what if a like-minded group of sales executives like you are inspired and motivated to solve persistent challenges?

Think about it, every month. You can share your most pressing sales challenges with the group in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust, and openness. The group serves as a personal advisory board. As a result, you can leverage the knowledge and experience of your peer group to achieve outstanding sales.

The monthly meetings are powerful brainstorming sessions. Lively and interactive, they bring together the group’s collective wisdom to help solve critical sales challenges. As a result, you’ll gain new leadership strategies, innovative solutions from your peers and fresh approaches to achieve breakthrough sales results.

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The Sales Leader Mastermind 

Exclusively for Sales Leaders. Lead by a Sales Leader.

At the Sales Leaders Mastermind, leaders like you meet regularly in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust and openness to share in each other’s business experiences. A typical mastermind group is composed of 8-10 peers who meet 12 times per year. We bring together sales leaders from varying industries (only one sales executive per industry) and philosophies to create a high calibre-learning forum.

Experience the Power of Collective Wisdom

Something is compelling when sales leaders get together on common problems but from different industries, perspectives to solve the same challenges. It is this very synergy that allows you to solve your challenges once and for all! You and your peers will exchange ideas, and viewpoints, which can take you in directions you may not have previously considered.

Steven Rosen guides discussions from:

  • Improving performance, results, and retention
  • Leading change
  • Move your vision to reality
  • Selecting hiring and retaining top performers
  • Building a high-performance sales organization
  • Working cross-functionally with marketing
  • Effectively delegating responsibility and holding your people accountable
  • Personal challenges such as sudden success, and the group functions as a personal board of advisors.

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Who is this Mastermind Group for?

The Sales Leader Mastermind is exclusively for sales leaders that want to inspire their teams to achieve outstanding sales results. We have designed the program for you, the busy sales executive.

Because your time is limited, we have designed the sessions to take place monthly.

I understand sales leaders because I have been where you are, and I understand the daily stresses. I have been overwhelmed and close to burnout. Unfortunately, you are not alone, and many successful sales leaders are experiencing the same issues. The price of success is high. The symptoms are stress, isolation, and frustration; these three variables can often lead to burnout.

I have been where you are, and I walked away from a well-paying VP of Sales position to start a sales coaching business years ago. I was dissatisfied with the lack of support and executive development and began looking for other solutions. Having embraced the coaching philosophy, I appreciate the many luxuries in my life now; peace of mind, the opportunity to see my kids every day, waking up energized and the satisfaction of helping sales leaders succeed. I want to help you achieve the same level of success. However, you define it.

Even when things are good, it’s not easy. So, I worry deeply about how sales leaders cope during this crazy time, with unprecedented change, ambiguity, and the constant pressure to deliver results.

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How Does the Mastermind Group Work? 

The Sales Leader Mastermind group offers a safe environment for discussing the issues important to each member. The skills and insights gained carry over into leadership within your organization.

 Here are the details:

  • Monthly virtual group sessions from the comfort of your home office.
  • Unlimited email access to me and your group.
  • Small groups of sales leaders (10-12).
  • All sessions are facilitated by Steven.
  • Bring an open mind, sharing attitude and a willingness to participate in all sessions actively.
  • The cost is $100/month.

I know that you will get extreme value from your membership in the group and make a positive contribution. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn, grow and be your best!

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See What Members Have to Say

Chris Vyse

Each and every Mastermind Meeting is a fun and enlightening learning experience.  Listening to my colleagues talk through their current strategic challenges always leads me back to at least one solid nugget I can use right away in my day-to-day work.”

Chris Vyse, VP Sales and Marketing

sales management training testimonial

Open and honest discussions with industry leaders, challenging the status quo in a new reality while sharing best practices.

Marie-Helen Gagnon, Sales and Marketing Executive

Ben Massingham

Being able to share challenges and hear about different ideas to address the rapid changes that the pandemic forced on all of us from peers in the healthcare space and sales professionals from other industries really helped me crystalize strategies and approaches to help my teams cope with these unprecedented times.

Ben Massingham, Vice President, Head of Transformation and Innovation

Running Too Fast to Tie Your Shoes?

You like what I am saying, BUT. I can hear you saying, “I’m way too busy to commit,” but are you too busy to get yourself out of the trap of juggling endless emails, meetings, and phone calls? When do you have time to think about achieving breakthrough results? It would help if you made the time, and that’s what we’re here for, to help you find time to capture your untapped potential.

We have made it easy for you—no need to leave the office. You connect virtually to the sessions.

Don’t wait until you hit the brick wall. Be proactive! All you need to do is commit one hour a month. That is less than 1% of your time. Don’t hesitate. Go with your gut, and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you are serious about leading change… Apply Now! 

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