Sales Executives Need to be Coaching their Sales Managers

The further you move in the sales organization you begin to realize that you have less impact on driving sales.
Sales executives become further removed from the customer and the day to day management of the business. Sales execution and sales performance are the results of your sales reps and marketing efforts more so than your own. The higher up you go, the fewer levers you have at your disposal to impact sales. Your role becomes one of setting the direction and focus for the sales organization.

You get involved in more meetings than you could ever dream possible. Your focus shifts to long-term strategy, budgets, and policies.

There are still two key levers you can pull to generate more sales.

  1. Having your sales reps increase both the quantity and the quality of their sales calls.
  2. Having your sales managers increase the quantity and quality of their time out coaching their salespeople.

This sounds simple, right?

So what are you doing to increase the quantity and quality of coaching and selling in your organization?

How much time do you spend with your sales managers coaching them on the quantity and quality of their coaching?

Read “Get Out and Coach”

Creating a coaching culture is up to you. You know that more time coaching coupled with more effective coaching can have a dramatic impact on your sales results.

So, what the hell are you doing?

Most sales executives I speak with would adamantly agree that effective coaching delivers more sales. What are they doing about it?

The harsh reality for sales executives is that they:

  1. Don’t get a lot of coaching from their boss.
  2. Have probably received little coaching in the past.
  3. Don’t have much time to coach.
  4. They lack the skills to effectively coach.


Your people respect what you inspect!

Leadership is about focusing on what is important. It is about directing your organization to focus their efforts on the markets, segments, customers, and activities that will maximize the sales of the organization.

To create a high-performance coaching culture, it is imperative that you reinforce that coaching is key. Here are two simple ways you can send the message that coaching is key:

  1. Coaching each of your sales managers on how they are coaching their people.
  2. Review your sales managers’ field visit reports.
  3. Debrief with your sales managers on their field visits.

I would be happy to talk to you about how a coaching culture can help you maximize your sales.

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