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Predictor of Potential

Predictor Of Potential

Use the Predictor of Potential POP™ for selecting sales candidates for roles that require business developers who can prospect and generate sales.

Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot

Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot

The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ is a proprietary 180-degree assessment that provides feedback on the quality, and effectiveness of your coaching.

Sales Management Book and Course

Start Coaching Like A Pro

Focused Sales Coaching

An exclusive virtual learning program for hungry sales managers, and coaches, who want to develop the best sales team.

52 Sales Management Tips

52 Sales Management Tips

This book is a fun and easy read, written for sales managers who struggle within a corporate environment that doesn’t support them or their development needs.

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What Top Sales Executives Know

You Are Responsible Through Others

As a sales executive, your leadership is measured by sales results. The challenge is that you don’t have a direct impact on sales performance. You need to get your results through others.

How To Lead Your Team To Crush Sales Numbers

For Sales Managers Hungry For Change

Watch my training webinar where I share what awesome sales managers are doing to crush their sales numbers. Are you hungry for change? This free webinar will help you!

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Sales Coaching Mastery

Develop A Team of Master Sales Coaches

In this Sales Coaching eBook you will learn about the reality that sales managers face. How to create a sales coaching culture, how to develop an awesome sales management team, and more!

The Ultimate Hiring Guide

3-Valuable Hiring Resources Inside

1. The STAR Hiring Process.
2. The Ultimate Sales Rep Rater.
3. The POP™ 7.0 Personal Orientation Profile Sample Profile.

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The Power of a Recognition Sales Culture

In this episode of the Sales Leadership Awakening podcast, host Steven Rosen and Colleen Stanley are joined by Rika Cuff, Senior Vice President of Scholastic and Champ Sales at Herff Jones. They discuss the importance of sales leadership in developing a strong sales culture, the power of recognition, and the challenges of fostering a culture of trust and consistency. Rika also shares tips for appreciating team members, highlighting the power of small actions, such as handwritten notes.

Are you ready to get your new sales managers off to a running start? Let’s talk.

If you’re here because you are facing new challenges in the Post-COVID sales era, and you are a smart and hungry sales manager looking to ACCELERATE YOUR SALES then consider doing the following items to prepare for success.

Write down the development areas that you are committed to working on to improve your performance.

Determine the 3 critical success factors that your team needs to do to achieve success.

Define your 3 biggest obstacles to achieving your objectives and what you are doing about them.

Force rank your sales team and determine one development area each rep should focus on.

Ask yourself if you are ready to transform your leadership, team, and results? Then let's talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are my 5 most asked questions about sales manager training.

Why Coaching?
The rapid pace of change, high levels of uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in business are forcing both executives and managers to look beyond training for their ongoing development needs. Coaching is the most powerful method for developing great leaders.
Why Should Sales Managers Focus on Coaching?

Sales managers are the key to unleashing the performance of your sales team, and coaching is the rocket fuel. Sales coaching can increase performance by 19%.

Even though coaching is the #1 sales management activity that drives performance, most sales managers are poor coaches. Sales managers don’t spend adequate time coaching, lack a proven coaching methodology and lack the tools and skills to be highly effective coaches.

Why Do You Coach Sales Managers?

Sales managers are the key to driving performance. Most sales manager training alone fails to create skill mastery. Without reinforcement, 87% of training is forgotten within 30 days. Combining coaching with training improves returns four-fold relative to training alone.

The last thing you want is to invest in training that fails to gain traction and your sales managers go back to what they have been doing for years.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching is a development process that helps leaders build capabilities and confidence to achieve their goals. It is conducted one-on-one with an experienced leadership coach. The coach and sales managers work together to achieve goals set by the individual.

Leadership coaches provide objective observations and reflections on your situation to clearly see your options and strategies in going forward.

Who Would Benefit the Most From This Program?

Both tenured and new sales managers would benefit from our Coaching Mastery program. There is no correlation between tenure and coaching effectiveness. Coaching is a core sales management skill and is the key to developing your salespeople and driving sales performance.

Lead with passion and ignite your team to achieve outstanding results!

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