Predictor of Potential™ POP7

Predictor of Potential Takes the Guesswork out of Your Hiring 

Transform Your Hiring Process with Proven Predictive Power

Empower your sales team’s future with over three decades of innovation in sales performance assessment. The Predictor of Potential POP 7™ has been the benchmark for hiring excellence, cultivated through a robust database of over 20 million assessments. Our latest iteration—POP 7™—stands as a testament to our commitment to pioneering sales team analysis and optimization.

Global Validation, Precise Predictions

With global recognition, the Predictor of Potential POP 7™ has reshaped the way companies cultivate their sales cultures, offering a Predictor Score (PS) that delivers precise forecasts of sales excellence. This is your key to unlocking potential in sales candidates, especially for roles demanding adept business developers with a knack for prospecting and driving sales growth.

Strategic Hiring with POP 7™

The POP 7™ Assessment is more than just a tool—it’s an integral strategy for sales management, providing actionable

Predictor of Potential - Star Resultsinsights and tailored suggestions to enhance your team’s dynamics:

  • Enhanced Performance Forecasting: Leverage advanced predictions for performance and retention.
  • Self-Management & Prospecting: Identify candidates’ core capabilities in managing themselves and their pipelines.
  • Motivation & Closing Insights: Understand the drive behind each candidate and their approach to sealing deals.
  • Work Environment Adaptation: Find out how a candidate’s independence aligns with the ideal work setting.
  • Data-Driven Validation: Trust in a system statistically validated to reflect your organization’s performance benchmarks.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from enriched interview guidelines and developmental feedback for ongoing talent nurturing.
  • Call Reluctance Management: Address and strategize around candidates’ hesitations in making calls.
  • Closing Style Analysis: Differentiate candidates by their unique approach to closing sales.
  • In-Depth Candidate Feedback: Gain a well-rounded view of each prospect’s strengths and growth areas.
  • Cultural Compatibility Evaluation: Assure a seamless integration of new hires into your company culture.
  • Accessible Anywhere: With availability in 40 languages, POP 7™ transcends global barriers.

    More than just a sales skills assessment, the POP Assessment POP™ is one of the world’s leading sales employee selection tools and is the instrument of choice for many of the most competitive sales organizations.

    The Hiring Process Is Key!

    Leveraging Predictive Science

    Harness Precision Hiring with Predictor of Potential POP 7™


    Elevate your recruitment strategy with the predictive prowess of POP 7™. Merging the rigour of science with sophisticated statistical techniques, POP 7™ dispels the uncertainties of talent acquisition.

    Steer Your Recruitment with Assurance

    Let POP 7™ be the compass that directs your hiring journey with unwavering precision:

    • 🟢 Green – All systems go for a standout candidate.
    • 🟡 Yellow – Pause and evaluate for a potential fit.
    • 🔴 Red – Exercise caution and consider further review.

    With POP 7™, sidestep the pitfalls of misjudgment in recruitment and advancement decisions with ease and cost-effectiveness.

    Choice of the Elite

    Adopted by premier global enterprises, POP 7™ is lauded for its exceptional accuracy in forecasting job performance and employee tenure.

    Streamlined for Every User

    Designed for universal applicability – no certification necessary – POP 7™ empowers every leader to leverage actionable insights from its analysis. Decode the potential of your prospective talent pool with a tool that is as straightforward as it is powerful.

    Predictor of Potential