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The Sales Leadership Awakening Podcast
The Sales Leadership Awakening Podcast
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The Power of a Recognition Sales Culture

The Power of a Recognition Sales Culture

In this episode of the Sales Leadership Awakening podcast, host Steven Rosen and Colleen Stanley are joined by Rika Cuff, Senior Vice President of Scholastic and Champ Sales at Herff Jones. They discuss the importance of sales leadership in developing a strong sales culture, the power of recognition, and the challenges of fostering a culture of trust and consistency. Rika also shares tips for appreciating team members, highlighting the power of small actions, such as handwritten notes.

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About The Show

The Sales Leadership Awakening Podcast, where we explore why sales leaders, and their teams often struggle to turn knowledge into action. Each episode delves into this challenge, offering actionable strategies to bridge the gap between understanding and doing.

Join us on a journey to awaken your sales leadership potential and lead with excellence in the world of sales. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, empowering you to harness the transformative power of execution in the world of sales.

About The Hosts 

Colleen Stanley, president of SalesLeadership, is an expert in merging emotional intelligence with sales and leadership skills. Author of three books, including the widely translated “Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success,” she previously led a national sales team at Varsity Spirit Corporation, a Forbes-recognized fast-growing company.

Colleen is acclaimed in sales development and thought leadership, honored by Salesforce as a top influencer in sales and ranked among the Top 30 Global Sales Gurus.


Colleen Stanley

Steven Rosen - Executive Sales Coach

Steven Rosen, I have a passion for inspiring sales leaders like you to drive their teams to new levels of success.

With a track record of exceeding sales objectives, from my days as a sales rep to my achievements as a VP of Sales for Alcon and Biovail, I have been recognized as one of Top Sales World’s top 50 sales thought leaders for five consecutive years. Holding an undergraduate business degree and an MBA from Concordia University, I bring authenticity, an engaging personality, and extensive sales leadership experience to our coaching partnership.

Sales leaders from companies of all sizes and industries value my guidance. Now it’s your turn to experience the transformation.