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Online sales management training, books, and assessments to help you get the skills you need to become an outstanding sales manager and crush your numbers! Learn how to coach, develop your salespeople and hire top sales performers with our online sales management products to help you improve your coaching, and hiring skills.

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Online Sales Management Training

Focused Sales Coaching online sales manager training program, you will learn how to effectively coach your salespeople to be top performers – leading to increased sales, improve engagement, and job satisfaction. Steven will teach you a five-step Focused Coaching Methodology to enhance your coaching skills and accelerate the development of your sales team.


Sales  Management Book

Sales Management Tips

Online Sales Management Book

52 Sales Management Tips will help you is written for sales managers who struggle within a corporate environment that doesn’t support them or their development needs. Whether you are a sales executive, senior sales leader or a new, experienced or aspiring sales manager, I’m confident you will find this sales management book to be a valuable guide to consult whenever you are experiencing problems.

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Psychometric Profiles

Are you tired of making hiring mistakes?

Online psychometric assessment

  • Are you finding it difficult to attract and retain top performers?
  • Have you found that your last 5 hires are average at best?
  • Are you finding that your hiring process is just not doing the job?

Learn how to identify top performers!

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Sales Manager Assessment

Are you an Effective Coach?

Online sales manager coaching assessment

The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot  is a sales manager assessment tool that provides senior sales management with an objective measure of how effective their sales managers coach. The report is based on feedback from the sales reps who receive the coaching. Managers receive a detailed report outlining their strengths and potential blind spots.

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