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Mid-Year business reviews video

Midyear business review – time to get your team focused on crushing it!

Welcome the focus sales leadership framework. The framework is based on three fundamental principles of effective leadership, focusing on leadership and culture.


Focused Sales leadership Framework


Today I want to talk to you about an important step you can take this week to improve your team’s performance in the second half of the year. Make sure that you have mid-year business reviews booked with each of your teams.

If you don’t have meetings booked to do that, then get them booked today, and I want to share two secrets that you can incorporate into any business review that will have a tremendous impact on the outcome of those.

The first secret is always to focus forward.

The secret to conducting impactful mid-year business reviews is don’t spend the majority of your time reviewing the past. You should be looking forward you want to focusing 60 to 80 percent of your time on the rep’s plans that are coming up in the next part of the year.

It’s critical that the rep comes prepared, and the goal of the meeting is to see what worked and what didn’t work, which is the review but most importantly, what they’re doing next your role as the sales leaders to make sure the rep has put sufficient thoughts on what and how they’re going to do in the next quarter. Ask good questions to make sure they have a solid plan of action.

The second secret is what I call raising the bar on performance.

Raising the bar on performance is setting expectations that each of your salespeople are always looking for opportunities to increase their sales and what that looks like.

If your rep is at 120 percent of objective many managers will give them a slap on the back and say keep going.

My approach is they should come prepared with a plan with either three key customers or three key tactics that they’re going to do to increase to 130 percent of the objective. If they’re at 110, the goal is for them to come prepared with a plan that will get them to 120. If they’re at 90 percent, I don’t care what they are going to do in the next quarter or the next two quarters to get them to a hundred percent. The goal is that they come prepared with a plan, and they thought through what they need to do specifically to get there.

It’s a way of thinking. It’s always about stretching the bar. When I ran a sales organization, we tripled sales over three years, and that was one of the secrets I used is always raising the bar on performance. If you have any questions on how to make your midi reviews highly impactful, DM me, and I’ll respond with some actionable tips.

Lastly, are you a great sales leader? Well, how do you know I’ve developed a nine-point self-assessment which you’re welcome to download off my website at www.starresults.com.

Take the assessment to see what areas you want to improve in, and give me an email send me an email, dm me. I’m happy to provide you with some actionable tips on how you can improve in any of the areas in our nine points you feel you can improve your performance.

Thank you speak to you tomorrow.


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