Managing Behavioural Issues 

Behavioural issues

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: Managing Behavioural Issues


I have had the privilege of working with numerous sales managers, guiding them through the challenges they face in leading high-performing teams. One recurring issue that has surfaced frequently is managing behavioural issues among their salespeople effectively.

Sales managers play a pivotal role in shaping the dynamics and success of their teams, and addressing behavioural challenges is an integral part of their responsibilities. Navigating these issues can be complex and delicate, but with the right approach, sales managers can turn these obstacles into opportunities for growth and transformation within their teams.

I want to share some actionable steps to empower sales managers to address behavioural issues. By embracing these challenges and leading with a BOLD mindset, sales managers can foster a culture of continuous improvement, nurture individual potential, and drive performance.

BOLD Leaders: Embracing Discomfort

BOLD leaders are not afraid to tackle challenging conversations head-on. They recognize that avoiding difficult discussions can lead to unresolved issues, hinder team performance, and ultimately impact overall sales success. BOLD leaders embrace discomfort and approach these conversations with a growth mindset. They view them as opportunities for team members to learn, improve, and reach their full potential.

When faced with behavioural issues, BOLD leaders address them directly and constructively. They use effective communication techniques to provide feedback that is clear, specific, and actionable. BOLD leaders understand the importance of separating the behaviour from the individual, ensuring that team members feel respected and valued even during challenging discussions.


Actionable Steps for Managing Behavioural Issues 


1- Prepare for the Conversation:

Before initiating any conversation about behavioural issues, take the time to prepare yourself. Approach the conversation empathetically, recognizing that every team member has unique circumstances and challenges. Separate the behaviour from the individual and focus on addressing the specific issue constructively.

2- Choose the Right Setting and Timing:

Find a private and comfortable environment where both you and the team member can have an open and candid discussion. Choose a time when the individual is receptive and not feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

3- Use Effective Communication Techniques:

During the conversation, employ effective communication techniques to ensure a productive dialogue. Be clear, specific, and constructive in your feedback, providing actionable steps for improvement. Encourage open communication and active listening to foster mutual understanding.

4- Collaborate on an Action Plan:

Engage the team member in developing an action plan to address the behavioural issue. Empower them to take ownership of their growth and improvement. Set clear expectations and establish a timeline for progress.

5- Set Frequent Follow-Up Discussions:

Follow up regularly to track progress and provide ongoing feedback. Recognize and acknowledge any positive changes while addressing any setbacks with constructive guidance.


Conclusion: Managing Behavioral Issues


Embracing difficult conversations is one of the seven tenets of BOLD leaders. By preparing with empathy and objectivity, choosing the right setting and timing, using effective communication techniques, collaborating on an action plan, and providing ongoing support and feedback, BOLD leaders can address behavioural issues constructively. In doing so, they create an environment of trust, support, and growth within their sales team.

BOLD leaders understand that difficult conversations are not isolated events but part of an ongoing process of growth and development. By embracing these conversations and fostering a culture of open communication, BOLD leaders empower their sales team to reach new heights of success. Through impactful coaching and continuous improvement, BOLD leaders demonstrate their commitment to the success and well-being of their team, driving lasting results for the entire organization.




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