Management POP ™  

Management POP for Hiring Top Sales Managers

The Management POP ™ is an assessment tool specifically designed to predict the potential of managers and help companies develop and maintain high-performance managers.

This tool uses advanced statistical methods to assess the factors that allow managers to manage employees and performance effectively.

Use Management POP ™ to:

  • Recruit and select the best sales managers
  • Predict yield and retention
  • Inform about teamwork, coaching, succession planning and more
  • Evaluate self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and orientation to people
  • Get an overview of personality traits and their application in management

Our evaluation and validation process can be used to develop models of the ideal candidate that meet your company’s needs and culture. Learn more

Management Style

The Management POP™ also provides an overview of an individual’s management style. This includes a wide variety of competencies such as leadership style, communication style, how goals and strategies are implemented, approaches to motivating others, approaches to coaching and feedback style and approaches to training.

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