Learn How to Improve Sales Performance

Announcing The Inaugural Toronto Sales Performance Summit

Sales executives – have you attended conferences where there was a lot of hype but no substance? Most sales conferences are fun but light on ideas that can impact the performance of your organization. I have experienced this many times. Two of my fellow Toronto sales experts, guru and thought leaders have felt the same way. As a result, we have developed the Toronto Sales Performance Summit.


Nearly half of sales reps did not achieve quota over the past few years. The challenge and opportunity for sales leaders is to ensure that their managers can impact performance and that their front lines will follow. These two imperatives are key to developing a sales culture designed to succeed.

The Sales Performance Summit will offer proven ways for sales leaders to positively impact performance regardless of methodology. The reason most reps struggle is not that they can’t ‘SPIN’ or ‘Challenge’, but that they aren’t aligned with a performance-driven culture.

If you are looking for a competitive edge in 2015 you must attend the Toronto Sales Performance Summit. We will provide you with implemental strategies across the sales performance spectrum.

  • Selling with insights
  • Unlocking the potential of your sales force
  • Executing with excellence
  • Improving sales strategy

The Toronto Sales Performance Sales Summit is an executive-level program for sales leaders invested in success—leaders who understand that their sales culture, as reflected by their sales teams at all levels, is the key to out-thinking and out-selling their competitors.

Performance is no longer an individual measure. It is a mission-critical strategy. According to the STAR Results 2015 Sales Manager Survey™, in the new sales reality, characterized by increasingly knowledgeable and discriminating buyers, performance and performance management are the burning issues for sales leaders around the world.

The setting for this inaugural event is the Rotman School of Management. We chose Rotman as it is in the heart of downtown Toronto, the facilities are state of the art and Rotman has a world-class reputation amongst business schools. The only challenge is that there is limited seating. So book now.

With 4 world-class speakers: Tim Hurson, Tibor Shanto, Bill Baldasti and Steven Rosen this is a conference you will want to attend.