Increase your close ratio!

By: Steven Rosen

My colleague Nancy Bleeke has just launched a book that we all need – whether we are new to sales or not, whether we sell to business buyers or consumers. In Conversations That Sell, Nancy shares specific tips, techniques, and tools that you can immediately put to use to ensure your conversations drive sales, strengthen the relationship, and help you meet your quotas.

What happens when you finally get that hard-earned meeting with your buyer? Do you consistently move them to the next stage of your buying process and the sale?

Too often the conversation comes and goes without maximizing the time and money it took to get there.  We lose the opportunity to collaborate through the sales process with the buyer and lose our opportunity to help them get our solution.

We’ve all done it.  We get the buyer’s time and attention and then don’t maximize our time and efforts. We have a great conversation with one buyer and then are mediocre at the next.

To ensure you make the most of the precious time with your buyers and clients, my friend and colleague Nancy Bleeke recommend that you put as much time and energy into that conversation as you did to get it.

Check out the valuable FREE resources at the Conversations That Sell site. Take the Do Your Conversations Count Quiz to see if your conversations are as productive as they need to be.  You’ll find valuable free tips following the quiz.

If you’re ready to increase your close ratios and open your sales opportunities, check out the Conversations that Sell book and FREE resources.