How Focus Helps Sales Management Effectiveness

In a strong economy just showing up to play is enough to achieve your sales objectives. In today’s economic environment sales leaders are facing sales force downsizing and poor sales rep morale. Sales reps are frustrated by longer sales cycles, dropping demand, unrealistic quotas, concerns about declining income and losing their jobs.

The key to success is Focus, Focus, and Focus. As the leader of your sales organization, you should ask yourself 1. Am I focused? 2. What is Focused Leadership? and 3. Why is focus so important to my success?

Ask yourself the following questions to ascertain your FOCUS factor.

  • Have you established your 2-3 critical success factors (CSFs) that will help you achieve your objectives?
  • Have you determined the key activities that will help you achieve your CSFs?
  • Have you communicated the key activities to your sales team?
  • Does each and every one of your salespeople know what the key activities are?
  • Have they incorporated these key activities into their daily plans?
  • Are your sales managers coaching the reps on these key activities?
  • Are the sales reps accountable to delivering on these key activities?

If you have answered “YES” to a majority of these questions, then you’re Focused! Congratulations you will thrive. Feel free to share what you are doing. Send me an email.

If you answered “NO” to more than 2 questions keep reading.

Focused Sales Leadership is about determining, communicating and inspiring your sales to apply all their energy on the critical success factors/activities.

Many of your competitors have surveyed the market and may have come up with similar strategies. The differentiating factor between surviving these difficult times and getting your butt kicked relates to how well your sales team executes. Successful sales execution is about ensuring that each and every one of your sales reps clearly understands their marching orders (CSF). It is imperative that your front line sales managers keep their sales teams focused on executing critical success activities.