How Can Sales Managers Impact Sales?

Dear Sales Manager,

This year was tough; next year’s sales prospects are going to be even tougher. I hope you are not suffering from failure to impact syndrome. If you are what should you do?

Tip #50: Beware of Failure to Impact Syndrome

Time and time again I see it. Sales reps going through their daily activities like robots. They have little impact on each call, but show up and expect the business. I call this “failure to impact syndrome.” It is contagious and can spread throughout an entire sales force. It works as long as the business grows. Everyone gets high fives and there is no need to dig any deeper.

But what happens when sales are off and senior management starts asking questions. Sales managers struggle to come up with the answers and reps get nervous.

The cure: Get out in the field and inspire your reps to be innovative. Just like a car you need to be behind the wheel to drive it.

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