Only 1 in 5 Candidates is a Top Performer (but which one?)

Hiring Top Performers Using Predictive Science

Hiring top sales talent is the lifeblood of any sales organization.

The biggest problem that managers face is identifying which candidate has the potential to be a top performer. Most salespeople are inherently good at selling themselves, and top performers don’t always stand out in an interview.

Despite good interviewing skills, many sales managers are guilty of making these hiring mistakes.

  • Hiring people, they like
  • Settling for mediocrity to fill the vacancy
  • Hiring experienced and industry knowledge over attitude
  • Lack of a systematic process
  • Not leveraging the power of science

Do your sales managers have the tools and processes to systematically identify top sales performers from those who are pretenders. Identifying the difference is challenging!



Your Hiring Process is Key

Success in attracting and selecting, and hiring top performers depends more on a company’s process or system than on the manager’s ability.

Without a clear process, your sales managers will adopt their own approach and ultimately achieve sub-optimal results. Like most companies, some process exists in-house that is sort of known and sort of used. Thus, the source of mediocre results.

Four principles associated with a top-notch hiring process:

  1. Having a systematic process
  2. Knowing what top performers look like
  3. Having assessment tools to make scientific decisions
  4. Your process is rigorously followed

The Hiring Process Should Consist of 3 Equally Important Components

  1. Fit Interview
  2. Behavioural Interview
  3. Scientific Assessment

Is Your Team Leveraging Science to Make Better Hiring Decisions?

Hiring Process is Key

Leveraging  Predictive Science

Hiring Top Performing Salespeople – Predictor of Potential™ 7.0

The Predictor of Potential (POP 7.0) is a comprehensive approach to selection and development based on advanced statistical methods and over 40 years of professional coaching with top sales professionals and managers.

POP 7.0 is the most validated sales selection tool having a database of millions of successful sales hires in different industries.

The predictive model of the POP™ is based on a database of over 30 million assessments and has evolved through 7 generations to be one of the world’s leading sales employee selection tools.

This normative psychometric tool helps an organization conduct better online recruiting, selection, succession planning and coaching. The POP 7.0 provides very useful information about the individual’s fit to a sales role. This result enables managers to select top performers, focus training on each individual, and coach to the specific needs of the sales professional.

It is the instrument of choice for many of the most competitive sales forces, and it has been proven effective in predicting performance and retention.

POP 7.0

  • Identifies candidates with sales success DNA
  • Provides a customized prediction model for any organization
  • Predicts performance and retention
  • Assesses prospecting potential and closing style
  • Measures coachability and communication style
  • Measures sales attitudes, confidence and listening style
  • Provides a management snapshot that identifies future sales managers
  • Includes extensive post-hire feedback for both manager and candidate

Hiring Top Performers

Use the POP™ for selecting sales candidates for roles that require business developers who can prospect and generate sales.

The POP™ report provides sales management with feedback, interview suggestions, retention strategies and coaching suggestions on candidates in a set of 4 reports:

  • POP 7.0 for Managers
  • Candidate Feedback
  • Coaching Guide for Managers
  • Self-coaching Guide for individuals



Hiring Top Performing Sales Managers – ManagementPOP ™  

Management POP ™ is an assessment tool specifically designed to predict the potential of managers and help companies develop and maintain high-performance managers.

This tool uses advanced statistical methods to assess the factors that allow managers to manage employees and performance effectively.

Use Management POP ™ to:

  • Recruit and select the best managers
  • Predict yield and retention
  • Inform about teamwork, coaching, succession planning and more
  • Evaluate self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and orientation to people
  • Get an overview of personality traits and their application in management

Our evaluation and validation process can be used to develop models of the ideal candidate that meet your company’s needs and culture. Learn more

Do You Want to Make Better Hiring Decisions? 


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