Hiring Top Performers Made Simple (Video)


Hi I’m Steven Rosen for Sales Management TV. Winning companies that hire top performers have adopted a consistent, multi-step hiring process.

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By running each candidate through the process, they can better predict who the top performers are from the middle performers.

1.      Know what a top performer looks like at your company. Have a very specific profile of what experience, education and characteristics are common among your top performers. If the candidate doesn’t fit the profile moves on.

2.      Develop a standard list of competency-based questions. Make sure that you take each candidate through the same list of questions. Make ample notes.

3.      Dig deep for specifics. The key to assessing whether the candidate has the competencies you are looking for is to have them provide you with specific examples of how they have demonstrated those competencies. Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior. Carefully measure each candidate’s competencies and take only the best.

4.      If you don’t use psychometric profiles you should. Profiles assess source traits that are key in sales.  Traits like the right success habits, the right motivational profile and the potential to work independently.

An Ad-hoc hiring process means you will continue to make costly hiring mistakes.

Being systematic improves outcomes.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s tip!

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