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If what you’ve been doing isn’t bringing in results that make you look like the STAR that you are,

it’s time to course correct and put a new personal success plan into action!

What is Executive Coaching?

Steven Rosen coaches senior-level leaders or high potentials who are being considered for a senior role in the succession plan to achieve greater success on the fast track.

Many leaders are over-extended dealing with everyday demands with little time to improve their own leadership. Executive coaching gives you that opportunity to breathe, to think and to plan. To take a little time to develop yourself as a leader and get more out of your team in the process.

According to The Corporate Executive Board (CEB Inc.)

Effective coaching will tend to be formal, highly structured, deliberate and regularly scheduled. The unique advantages of coaching stem from how it is tailored to the individual and delivered at the point of need.”

The Leadership Paradox

The higher you move up in an organization, the harder it is to find honest feedback. You are expected to have the answers, yet how do you know you have the best solutions? I understand the challenges you face because I’ve been there. I will help you break through any obstacles that stand between you and greater success.

Steven Rosen’s Focused Executive Coaching approach to goal setting has your best interest at heart. He works one-on-one with you (by phone) to develop an action plan that motivates you to discover new ways to lead your team to achieve greater success.

Free Executive Coaching Strategy Sessions are done by phone and each session lasts up to one hour. There’s no further obligation or pressure during the call to sign up for anything. It’s just a chance for you to define your goals and start building a new action plan with a mentor to guide and support you every step of the way.

In your Executive Coaching Strategy Session session you will:

  1. Define your goals
  2. Tap into your motivation
  3. Start building an action plan
  4. Leave the session renewed, re-energized and focused to create powerful results

Team up with Steven and start achieving greater success today!

Inspiring Success,


Steven Rosen, MBA
Executive Coach
STAR Results


free executive coaching strategy session


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Note: This Free Executive Coaching  Session is for Sales Executives and Sales Managers operating in North America.

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