Focused Sales Leadership Framework Intro

Focused Sales Leadership

Focused Sales Leadership Framework 

Hello Sales Leaders!

Steven Rosen, sales leadership coach.

You have experienced more change in the last two years than many have in the previous ten years.

I know you could benefit from a framework to help you.


I am so excited to share the Focused Sales Leadership framework.

The Focused Sales Leadership Framework has three pillars for success.

  1. Leadership
  2. Culture/accountability
  3. Focus


Focused Sales leadership Framework


The reality you face is that you are so busy putting out fires, price increases, supply chain issues, sales rep retention, phone calls, meeting, texts and minutia that there is little time to do what you need to do to drive results. Like leading and developing a performance culture.

I would like to offer you an opportunity to assess how you are doing regarding FOCUS, Leadership and Culture. Download the Sales Leadership Self-Assessment and score yourself on 9 points of our framework.

Then book a 15-minute Sales Leadership Review where we will review your sales leadership assessment and determine areas you would like to improve upon. I will provide you with high-value actionable steps you can take to crush it.

This is free, with no pitch, custom and live 15-min Leadership Review.

Act now and upgrade your effectiveness now.




Steven Rosen - Book a Call
Steven Rosen - Book a Call

Seeking BOLD SALES LEADERS looking to build a winning team and develop a performance culture that achieves outstanding results.

Are you ready to consistently exceed your sales objectives by 10-20%?

Steven Rosen 2022

Hi, I’m Steven Rosen, and I’ve been coaching sales executives for over 20 years!


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Steven A. Rosen

Steven helps companies transform sales managers into great sales leaders. His focused coaching helps clients achieve greater personal and professional success. Steven is the author of 52 Sales Management Tips - The Sales Manager’s Success Guide.

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