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In the fiercely competitive world, the path from average to extraordinary leadership is defined by the calibre of executive coaching you engage with. Unlock your leadership potential with our focused Executive Coaching Program, tailored to challenge and elevate you beyond conventional success.

Our program is a commitment to your unique leadership journey, offering personalized strategies and expert guidance to meet and exceed your professional aspirations. With Steven’s extensive experience and a targeted approach, we harness your strengths, address your challenges, and transform your career ambitions into remarkable achievements.

Step into a role where your vision and our executive coaching expertise converge to create a powerful trajectory of sales leadership success. Begin your ascent today.

Sales Executive Coaching

Why Choose Steven’s Executive Coaching for Sales Leadership?

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Sharpen Your Focus

Gain control of your calendar, effectively delegate tasks and cultivate a winning mindset. By doing so, you’ll be able to direct your time and energy toward what truly matters, accelerating your progress toward your goals.

Executive coaching

Improve Your Leadership Skills

Break through limitations and unlock the skills and confidence needed to engage, inspire, and lead your team to greatness. Our executive coaching empowers you to become an exceptional leader in your industry.

Executive coaching

Create a Performance Culture

Learn strategies to nurture a performance-driven culture within your organization. We will guide you in implementing systems, establishing a productive cadence, and offering rewards and recognition to foster outstanding performance.

If answer yes to any of these challenges, let’s talk!

Are These Challenges Derailing Your Sales Leadership Success?

Focusing on What’s Critical

Drowning in Disruptions? Constantly caught in the whirlwind of meetings, emails, and calls, struggling to focus on what truly drives sales forward?

The Go-To Problem Solver? Always in the thick of things, solving issues for your team but hardly finding time for strategic planning?

Fighting Sales Prevention Battles? Wrestling with internal departments that, unintentionally or not, hinder your sales team's efforts?

Missing In Action? Feeling the pinch of not spending enough time in the field to coach and develop your team due to overwhelming administrative tasks?

Walking the Tightrope of Burnout? Trying to maintain performance without overextending yourself or your team, especially in high-pressure environments?

In Leadership & Management

Navigating the Seas of Change? Finding it challenging to lead effectively through periods of transformation and uncertainty?

Keeping the Flame of Motivation Alive? Struggling to keep your team driven and focused amidst changes and challenges?

Tackling Performance Hurdles? Facing difficulties in addressing and resolving performance issues within your team?

Striking the Right Balance? Juggling between fostering team engagement and driving towards ambitious sales targets?

Seeking a Trusted Sounding Board? In need of unbiased, expert advice when decisions feel overwhelming, without appearing weak to your superiors?

The Focused Executive Coaching Program: A Journey to Peak Performance


Executive coaching

Set Your Sights

Define your goals amidst the chaos of daily distractions.


Executive coaching

Chart Your Course

Develop an actionable plan that lays the groundwork for success.


Executive coaching

Accountability meetings

Engage in structured coaching sessions that fortify your resolve and ensure goal attainment.

What Our Customers are Saying

I have been working with Steve Rosen for almost 3.5 years as a client of his one-on-one leadership coaching. From the very start Steve helped guide my career and approach with his unique and effective coaching style.

Steve will help you reach your full potential. He will also be there when you need encouragement to fight through adversity; he will remind you that “It’s not supposed to be easy!” I am grateful to have worked with Steve and to call him a friend, mentor, and coach.

Franco Roccias

VP Sales , Vitran

I have had the pleasure of working with Steven. During my one-on-one interactions, I found Steven to be insightful to the modern challenges in the industry and his ability to offer applicable, dynamic solutions. I highly recommend Steven’s company to any sales leader who wants to be a better coach and leader. Steven will bring out the best in entire teams through group workshops or to individuals through individual mentorship interactions.

George Evancho

Regional Business Director, Scilex

“Steven, thank you for your expertise and your genuine interest in my well-being and personal development. Our partnership accelerated my capacity to lead others through important change and make talent development a true priority. Most importantly, I feel better equipped to drive results and inspire my team to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Your coaching approach is authentic, flexible, and well-adapted to our new management reality.”

Stephane Asselin

National Sales Director Oncology, Bristol Myers Squibb

Frequently Asked Questions About Executive Coaching

Discover answers to the top questions about executive coaching, including its benefits, why choose Steven Rosen, who benefits most, and what to look for in an executive coach.

What is Sales Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a development process that helps sales leaders build capabilities and confidence to achieve their goals. It is conducted one-on-one with an experienced executive leadership coach. The coach and sales executive work together to achieve goals set by the individual.

Why Executive Coaching?

Champion athletes know that the best way to improve their performance, achieve greater success, and become the best they can be is by working with a coach. The question is, why a successful sales leader would engage a coach?

My answer is, how can a successful leader NOT benefit from coaching! Executive coaching helps successful sales leaders achieve greater success.

Why Steven Rosen?

Most executive coaches don’t understand sales or sales leadership, nor do they know how to help you get the desired results. They offer theoretical approaches that sound great, but they don’t give you the traction to impact your results when the rubber hits the road.

The fact is, there’s a huge difference between leading a group of employees and leading, developing, and engaging a team of top-performing salespeople to achieve their sales objectives.

I teach our clients leading-edge methods that work, and I give you the coaching and the mindset support to take action and achieve outstanding results. I know sales inside and out – I understand the challenges and obstacles you face. I have been there and broken through, and you can too.

Who can benefit the most?

Executive coaching will benefit high-potential fast-tracking executives and senior-level leaders, or high potentials considered for a senior role in the succession plan. Many leaders are over-extended, dealing with everyday demands with little time to improve their leadership.

The truth is all sales leaders can benefit from executive coaching. It only makes good business sense. An excellent executive coach helps them focus and remove obstacles that get in the way. Executive coaching provides leaders with a focus not available from direct supervisors.

What Should I Look for in an Executive Coach?

With the rapid growth of the coaching industry, anyone can call themselves a coach. Many good coaching schools provide a coaching certification program. To some companies coaching certification is essential.

Leadership experience in your industry is also highly valuable. When deciding on a coach, fit is critical. You need to like, trust, and respect your coach. There needs to be real chemistry and a willingness to be open with your coach to have the best result.

Unlock Your Team’s Leadership Potential

Ready for a transformative journey in sales leadership? Our Focused Sales Executive Coaching Program is designed to empower you with the skills and insights necessary to excel as a sales leader. Develop a culture of performance, focus on a future filled with opportunities, and start your journey with Focused Executive Coaching.


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Learn more about our program and take the first step towards being an extraordinary sales leader. Your success story begins with us. We challenge your thinking and inspire action. Those who have joined us have gained enhanced focus leadership skills and achieved greater personal and professional success.